Digital Marketing Tips for Construction Contractors

As a construction contractor, you’re accustomed to bringing ideas and plans to reality. You’re brilliant at working with your hands, constructing buildings and other projects, and working with various materials. With this in mind, the digital marketing field may feel some way away from your own. However, you may also know the importance of digital marketing for all services these days. With a strong online presence, it’s possible to grow in the market and outperform the competition. Don’t worry, we have some advice today!


Optimize the Design of Your Website


When most construction contractors see the term digital marketing, they think they need to invest in all sorts of extravagant campaigns across lots of different platforms. For us, the starting point should always be a strong website. Whether prospective customers come across your name on social media or on search engines, the end destination will be your website (in most circumstances). Therefore, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices, fast, easy to navigate, and effective. 


Without a good website, SEO won’t be as effective, social media paid ads won’t get results, and you just won’t get the customers you want for the construction company. On the other hand, a good website will welcome prospective customers and encourage them to choose you rather than a competitor.


Local SEO 


With the foundation of a good website, you can now spend time and money on local SEO. As a construction contractor, we assume you’re interested in local customers. Just because this is the case, it doesn’t mean you should ignore SEO completely. With local SEO, you’ll get your name at the top of the list when people nearby search for a construction contractor


Before trying advanced local SEO techniques, make sure you have the basics in place. This means including your opening hours, contact information, pricing, and other details on Google My Business. 


Utilize Social Media 


If you’ve been in the construction business for many years, you’ll know that the key to success before the internet was word of mouth. We might now be in a technological world, but the reliance on word of mouth for customers still exists. Instead of having conversations in person, the conversation has moved to Facebook and other platforms. 


How do you embrace this change? You need a Facebook business page and to encourage customers to leave reviews and tell their friends all about you. The more reviews you have, the more likely people will be to choose your service. 


With a Facebook page, you can also share news, show off your portfolio of work, talk with customers, and address any negative reviews you receive professionally. 


Pay for Google Ads 


Again, this is something that small services think is reserved for the biggest companies. No, the detailed targeting on Google Ads means that you can pay for ads and really home in on your local market. With the campaign set up correctly, anybody that fits your target market within a certain distance will see your ad after typing a keyword or phrase of your choosing. 


There’s often a debate as to whether our resources should be pumped into organic growth or paid ads. There’s no debate for us – the answer is a combination of the two. Organic SEO will lead to better long-term growth, and paid ads can help with short-term results and special offers. 


Other Tips


  • Pay for Facebook ads 

  • Ask previous customers for reviews and testimonials 

  • Create useful guides and helpful video content 

  • Show real customer stories and use employees for content 

  • Team up with complementary services

  • Run competitions and contests