8 different types of spoons

The modern appearance of spoons emerged in the 1700s. Now we have spoons made of wood, metal, and many other materials but among all the most popular materials for making its stainless steel is the most popular. The Lambert Castle Museum in New Jersey stores the world’s largest spoon collection with 5400. Here we will discuss the different types of spoons in detail. 

It is a very old utensil-like knife and has existed since prehistoric times. People used to make it from wood, bone, rock, ivory, silver in ancient civilizations and the people of Egypt and the U.K. also used it as a status symbol in past societies.


Table-spoon is a utensil that is used in regular households during meals and it is also a unit of measurement. It is larger in size than a tea-spoon. Tablespoons are specifically shaped and designed for measuring ingredients. Tablespoons are large spoons and so they are ideal for eating food and are mostly used by adults during their meals.

According to some people, they are also appropriate for eating soup but as there is a soup spoon available and that has many benefits over tablespoons, so most people prefer using that for eating soup. 


Teaspoons are almost similar in size to tablespoons and are mostly used for measuring ingredients while cooking or baking. However, tablespoons appear slightly different from teaspoons and are different in shape also.

Teaspoons are the perfect choice for stirring cream or sugar into a cup of coffee. It is also used for feeding children. After a child has stopped eating with baby spoons, teaspoons only allow them to use silverware that is exactly similar in appearance to spoons that adults are using. Because of this, they will eat their food easily without any problems.

3)Sugar Spoons

They are basically used for serving granulated sugar at the table. The shape of this is similar to a teaspoon but their design does not have deeper bowls and has fluted edges most of the time along with the bowl. Sugar spoons are molded into the shape of shells and they are often used in a regular household.

Technically you can use any type of them for serving sugar, but when you are setting a formal table then it will be best if you use this type of spoon for serving sugar dishes. They are also known by other names like “sugar shells” or “sugar shovels” based on their shape. 

4)Soup Spoons

These spoons are specifically designed for eating soup and are very much used in regular households as well as in restaurants. These have larger bowls that are very deep which helps a person to scoop up their soup without spilling it. There are different types, sizes as well as different styles of soup spoons, but among them, the two main types are British soup spoons and Chinese soup spoons. British soup spoons are small in size and the bow is circular. On the other hand, Chinese soup spoons can vary in size, they can be small as well as large, and they usually have a thick handle that extends from a deep and flat bowl. Most soup spoons are made from ceramic, and some can be made from other materials also.

5)Dessert Spoons

Dessert spoons are used for eating dessert and it is pointed in shape rather than rounded. Though they are mostly used for eating dessert you can use them easily for eating almost anything. 

The size of it can vary between a tablespoon and a teaspoon. Dessert spoons are not used in regular households but are mainly used for formal table settings. While setting a formal table, it is obvious to place a dessert spoon either with the dessert or above the plate, fully separated from other utensils on the table. 

6)Beverage Spoons

Beverage spoons have incredibly long handles that are longer than any other type of spoon and so they are very easily identifiable. But the surprising thing is that the bowl at the end of the handle is very small in size in comparison to such a long handle. But the handle of a beverage spoon is crafted for a particular purpose and they are mostly used for stirring tall glasses of tea and adding sugar to it. Due to such length, your fingers will never get wet even while stirring a tall glass of tea. It does not have many applications apart from stirring tall drinks due to its long handle. 


Traditionally, wood, mother of pearl, animal horn, and gold are used for making caviar spoons. As per belief, These are not served with metal spoons as this will cause the caviar spoon to not taste at its best. They have varied in size from three to five inches and have a small bowl that is best for scoping out and serving caviar. The bowls of caviar spoons are mostly shaped like an oval or a paddle. But these spoons are rarely used for serving anything apart from caviar due to their small size and shape. 


This is mostly used for serving liquid-based food such as stew or soup so that there does not occur a big mess when the food is served. There are different types of ladle spoons available, of different sizes and shapes, but the common thing among all various kinds of ladle spoons is their long handle attached to a deep and large bowl. Though most ladles have a handle straightly attached to the bowl, there are other kinds of ladles also that have handles attached at an angle for lifting food out of the pot more easily. Some ladles also have a sprout for making it easier for pouring liquids. 


Hope details about all these types of spoons will help you to use specifically one for specific purposes and it will also enhance your knowledge.