Did You Know These Flowers Can Grow Without Soil?

The principles behind soil-less plant production are simply meeting the plant’s needs, including nutrients, water and oxygen without the benefit of soil. They just need a glass of water to give them all the delicious fruits and flowers. You can use your green thumb this season without digging the dirt with your fingernails. Here are easy and beautiful flowers that can grow without soil.




Tops the list in terms of beautiful flowering plants. Philodendron acts as a fab in the water; if you already have one and it is well installed, then cut off some of its stems and put them around your house in a beautiful vase for a very beautiful display. The plant is native to Burma, India and East Africa but now grows worldwide. 




Many people think that they can only grow tulips in gardens. However, this is not true at all. You can also grow this beautiful flower inside your house. All you have to do is place a tulip bulb in the vase with a small water amount. You can find more information on how to grow tulips on the internet.




Did you know orchids are the most beautiful flowers in the world? It is known for its spellbound fragrance and as a top choice for weddings and important ceremonies. You will be happy to know that this flower can grow without soil. Most orchids are epiphytes and can grow on other plants than on actual soil. But they are not parasitic in nature. They stick to trees instead of growing in soil. If you prefer to grow them without a medium, you can do it, but choose moth orchid. They are commonly available and are the easiest to grow orchid genera. This is the best pick for beginners to learn to grow orchids.




They are beautiful flowering plants with colourful little flowers. It is also known as Busy Lizzy. They not only look good but will also enhance the beauty of your home. Impatiens can grow in both water and soil. They are annual flowers and are good for growing in shades. You can keep them in a pot of water and keep them in your room.


Air plants


Like most cacti, air plants require that the soil on which they grow should be easily removed and that they should receive direct sunlight for most of the day. Air plants can be susceptible to cold weather if they are not brought properly in cold climates. Allow one inch of water to drip onto the soil every one or two days during the cold months, and use a glazed pot instead of plastic when planting in containers.



Paperwhite is a variety of daffodils that can be removed from the bulb during the winter. These fragrant plants will happily grow into nothing more than water and some pebbles. These bulb plants can grow without soil and may require only a glass container, rocks and water to grow. When the flowers bloom on a paperwhite narcissus, they are usually a beautiful, brilliant white colour. They are also magnificent decoration flowers to grace our special occasion.


There is something rather magical about these flowers flourishing in a jar or a pot without soil. Also, did you know that these plants can be gifted on various occasions or celebrations? Yes, you can easily find these plants online on any reputed website. Avail of same-day or midnight flower delivery and make you and your loved one’s day extra special. Bonus points! They will appreciate you providing the extra information about how these flowers actually grow.