Designing A Sleek and Elegant Laundry Shop

Interior design that is pleasing to the eyes is a must to all designers and it is now almost becoming a demand from the public – that they only want to see nicely designed spaces. This has made designers constantly and competitively try to up the other designers’ works; everyone is trying to produce the latest, best, most innovative rendition of what they think innovative.

Take this laundry store as an example – Ivy Studio has designed a space for Les Nettoyeurs White’s Dry Cleaning in the middle of Montreal, Canada. Who would’ve thought that a Parisian design would be the choice of a laundry shop! The designer has opted for a white, elegant, and inviting design that at first glance looks more like a home or an apartment than a laundry store.

It’s true that Ivy Studio was inspired by a traditional Haussmannian Parisienne apartment with minimalism meshed with contemporary style. This project is not new – rather, it was a renovation project to what it used to be a housing area called Boucherville.

The all white interior perhaps is an homage to the sense of cleanliness and hygiene that the brand wants people to know them as. The brand wants to expand is to create a sense of bigger space that is not stuffy and packed. The whites are paired with herringbone patterned wood flooring and black marble as the countertop or the receptionist’s desk. The contrast in color makes it the centerpiece in the whole interior.

Other than that, the sense of elegance is also visible from the wall treatments that have minimalistic profiles and brass details. A hanging lamp that is handmade by Lambert and Fils are used in space, as well as a 4-meter high shelves to display some antique décor items.

In the majority of the spaces, the pure white walls and sometimes the white flooring is juxtaposed by a lot of bold blacks: from the window frames, laundry baskets, chairs, and even as little as hangers. Perhaps the intention is to directly contrast the white while also giving some modern element to space. Even the washing machines and dryers are the blackest of black which makes them look very modern. Of course, all this is situated in an all-white room from the floors, walls, even the exposed ceiling that is painted white. No wonder why this dry cleaning space is so popular.

As an example of innovating and breaking away from the norm, Les Nettoyeurs White’s Dry Cleaning can be an inspiration for an anti-mainstream space that encourages professionals to keep innovating. Not only is it good for recognition, but it is great also for brand awareness and branding, so one should not ever underestimate the power of design!