An-in depth discussion on the e-girl and e-boy trend

The major difference between e-girl and e-boy and other social media influencers is that the e-boy and e-girl culture lends himself or herself more into the bedroom. No not in a sexual way but you can say that in a solitary way. Most social media influencers get paid to go on certain vacations, take many pictures there and provide all their individual outfit details, while e-girl and e-boy mainly work from their rooms. And the main thing is that it is not always about making money, and they basically post uploads that focus on their makeup, hair, outfits, and their overall lifestyle. Most of their posts feature heavy editing like overlaying of glitter, heart, hello kitty, spider webs, and much more. 

Mainly e-girl and e-boy are getting so much digital popularity for simply being themselves. Whether that involves heavy shadow or pink hair, winged eyeliner, or big hair clips. Now let us know what an aesthetic e-girl is in much more detail. 

What is an e-girl?

This question comes into the mind of most people: what’s an e-girl and people start searching about them in a dictionary. The Internet defines aesthetic e-girl as a species of emo that is mostly found on Tik Tok but spends time on Tumblr. You will usually find these girls wearing pink, green, or any other vibrant color eyeshadow with winged eyeliner, a blushed nose, and a little heart design under the eyes. They mostly wear normal urban outfitters and are mostly found doing the “me, me, me” dance. 

The term e-girl mainly refers to the Internet subculture of punk or emo girls who spend a lot of time creating videos on social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram. E-girls often bring comparison to emo or punk culture and most people consider them as a subculture of both these. This culture also has a link to DDLJ-Daddy Dom Little Girl- a kind of relationship where one person is the caregiver just like the father and the other one is like the child. It is a BDSM kind of relationship which may or may not involve sexual activities. 

Now let us see what an e-boy is.

What is an e-boy?

Just like e-girls, e-boy are boys who have black painted nails and mostly wear black clothes and chains, skates, and have hair parted in the middle and they are mostly really pale. They mostly wear chequered sweaters under their T.shirt or striped long sleeve shirts and they listen to music that you may have never heard of. Another funny thing about them is that they exist only on the Internet and always 

E-boys mainly belong to a similar subculture of punk or emo boys and they keep posting on the Internet all throughout the day. 

How to get the e-girl aesthetic? 

Understanding the e-girl aesthetic is a major part of understanding the e-girl culture at all. The e-girl aesthetic is mainly characterized by heavy eye makeup, winged eyeliner, colored hair, and child-like nature. Darker hair or hair with lots of colors and extremely heavy makeup are some of the characteristics I must say are crucial for achieving the e-girl aesthetic. Photo editing also plays a major role in the e-girl or e-boy post and their pictures are mostly overlayed with emojis, glitter, and texts. 

What do e-girls and e-boys mainly do? 

Mostly e-girls and e-boys upload photos from their bedrooms on the Internet. They also often make videos with songs just like the Tik Tok videos and usually spend a lot of time editing photos in photo editing apps and keep experimenting with different kinds of makeup styles, clothing styles, and hairstyles. Now let us see what is the link between e-girl and Tik Tok.

What is the link between e-girl and Tik Tok? 

Tik Tok is a very popular social media platform these days and nearly 500 million people upload videos on Tik Tok on a daily basis. But only uploading videos on Tik Tok will not equate anyone to an e-boy or e-girl. Tik Tok basically gives exposure to people with different styles and provides them a platform for showing their talent and creativity to the world. 

Many kinds of videos are being made on Tik Tok, various trends come with time and also go with time. Just like that aesthetic e-girl videos is also one of those emerging trends on Tik Tok and other major social media platforms like Instagram. But as per sources Tik Tok only helps in spreading the message of the e-girl aesthetic. Now let us check what is the difference between an e-girl and a Visco girl.

Difference between an e-girl and a visco girl? 

Though both these have been born out of the Internet culture, a visco girl is not an e-girl. The Visco girl aesthetic is more about bright personality, they wear bright and colorful clothes while e-girls stick to darker clothes. Visco girls don’t wear makeup and also do not follow the typical fashion trend and are very pro-environment. 

Visco girls are often associated with particular brands: VISCO photo editing app, Hydro flasks, Brandy Melville, Lululemon, etc. VISCO girls are popular but when it comes to major social media platforms, e-girls thrive in most of the spaces. 


Among many popular social media trends, e-girl and e-boy are some of those.