An in-depth discussion on swordfish

The majority of people love seafood and whenever we think about seafood, cod, salmon, shrimps and other meaty food items from the ocean usually comes to our mind. But most people don’t know much about the unique sea creature, Swordfish and that is why very few people order that while having seafood in a restaurant. It is basically a sweet flavoured gentle meat. It is a very soft and moist kind of meat that has a sweet taste. You can easily broil it or grill it without causing any kind of harm to its nutrients. Its meat is very nutritious and the subtly flavoured meat is an amazing source of selenium and Omega-3-nutrients. So here in this blog, we will have an in-depth discussion about Swordfish. We will discuss the taste of Swordfish, its flavour and what you can pair with it. 

What is Swordfish?

It is a unique kind of seafood that stands out in the crowd. This sea creature has a long beak that looks similar to a sword and that is why it is named Swordfish. This sea creature is 15 feet in length and the weight of the whole fish is about 1400 pounds. This sea fish is extremely meaty and it is very nutritious. This sea creature belongs to a category of apex marine fish predators named as- Billfish. It doesn’t taste fishy and it is slightly sweet in flavour. 

Describing the flavour of Swordfish in detail

Swordfish basically tastes like a kind of sweetmeat and it has pink coloured flesh when it is raw and it turns beige once it is cooked. It is often compared to beef steak because of its dense moist texture. This seafood is mostly preferred by people who are newly eating fish and those who don’t prefer eating “fishy tasting fish”. 

This is a pelagic oily fish and it contains high levels of oil. You will be surprised to know that the fillets of Swordfish contain almost 30% oil and it is absolutely the opposite of white fish such as Walleye or Catfish that carry a much minimum amount of oil in the liver. 

If you prefer eating a meaty textured fish, then Swordfish is an excellent option for you. This texture distinguishes Swordfish from other types of fish. Other types of sea fish like salmon, halibut, red snapper are available in flakes but It is served like a steak and you will need a knife for cutting it into smaller pieces. 

What is the good quality of Swordfish?

Swordfish has a kind of sweet flavour and it has an extremely rich meaty texture. It doesn’t have a fishy smell and that’s why it is excellent for people who don’t prefer eating fish. Swordfish is great for grilling and for steaks. 

Is Swordfish good for well-being?

People who are extremely health conscious wonder whether Swordfish is good for regular eating purposes or not. Well, as per official data, it is good to consume fish at least twice a week and Swordfish can be a good option for that. This is because:

  • I is a good source of selenium that helps to protect our heart and can also fight cancer
  • Swordfish meat contains omega 3 fatty acids
  • This fish also contains vitamin B12 and Zinc
  • And the best thing is that, it is a low-calorie and low-fat meat

4 ways of cooking Swordfish 

There are 4 different ways in which Swordfish can be cooked. Here we will discuss those 4 ways:

1) Pan-Roast

Sear Swordfish in a cast-iron skillet or any other kind of oven-safe pan and continue doing it until it is brown on one side. After that flip the fish and transfer the fish to a 400 degree F oven for completing the cooking.

2) Grill

First oil and heat the grates of a charcoal grill. Marinate the fish for nearly 10 to 15 minutes with black pepper and kosher salt and polish the fish with extra virgin olive oil. Continue grilling it for about 3 to 8 minutes until it is brown on the outside and slightly pinkish on the inside. 

3) Pan Sear

First, pour oil into a large skillet and heat it on a medium flame. Then sear the steaks of it until it is full brown in colour on each side and after that continue cooking on each side 3 to 8 mins. 

4) Broil

Heat the oil in a broiling pan and then season Swordfish with black pepper and kosher salt and broil it for about 6 minutes until it is completely done. 

5 Sauces that you can serve with Swordfish 

Swordfish best pairs with green salad and Vinaigrette that can sauce the fish. But apart from that, you can also try toppings like:

  • Gremolata
  • Compound butter
  • Lemon butter sauce
  • White wine pan sauce
  • Tomato Avocado Salsa