Cost Inquiries You Should Make Before Getting Mass Texting


Marketing or advertising the business, product, or service is one of the crucial needs of the business owners and service providers. This is an era of digital dealings where more than half of the business dealings are conducted online. In rapidly progressive countries like the United Arab Emirates, the number of online businesses exceeds the traditional business setups.

People have the possibility of coming across your traditional business setup and get attracted to it. On the other hand, they will not be aware of your online presence until you advertise. Distributing pamphlets are running electronic media ads are old practices that do not garner rapid results. Text messaging is becoming more efficient and cost-effective in this advanced era; however, most business organizations rule out this option considering it expensive.

This article intends to share cost inquiries you should make before getting a mass texting service to enjoy affordable advertising.

Top 8 Question You Should Ask Before Finalizing Bulk Texting

Reaching out to the target audience was never this easier for business organizations. Every other person owns a mobile or smartphone, on which they can receive the messages free of cost. This has created an opportunity for business owners to run text message advertising campaigns and target more users to spread their message and offers. However, bulk messaging can cost you a fortune if you do not inquire properly.

Here are some important questions you should ask before finalizing the bulk texting service.

1). Check per Message Rate

The first question you should ask while getting a bulk SMS service for your business or product is the per-message rate. In the case of bulk texting, the service providers offer to send a hundred or thousand SMS at a certain time. The cost per message will be less than a cent. Most people contact companies offering SMS advertising in Dubai to get the cheapest per-message rate and enjoy low-cost advertising of their service.

2). Review the Messaging Plan Limits

In most cases, bulk texting focuses on sending a specific number of messages to a specific number of contacts in a defined time period. This is called the plan limit of the service. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly service plans to facilitate the business owners. So, you can review the message plan limit before finalizing the one that seems best to you.

3). Explore Hidden Charges

Sometimes, the vendors try to trap the business organization by offering the cheapest plans. Over time, they start uncovering hidden costs that can add to the expense of the service users. It includes points like-charged replying service, which is always free of cost. So, do not forget to go through all the conditions and explore the hidden charges to avoid loss.

4). Evaluate the Level of Service

Evaluating the level of service is crucial before finalizing your SMS advertising campaign with any vendor. Level of service means that you should check that the service provider only focuses on promotional messages, holiday deals, or account for urgent and emergency messages, too, like a delivery message. You should prefer the package or vendor that offers a higher level of service.

5). Double Check Offered Features

Before finally selecting and signing the contract, you need to double-check the offered features. It can be the number of messages, the number of contacts, the time period of the contract, the frequency of messages, and the replying service provision. If you have other conditions, be sure to include them and get them approved before it is too late.

6). Ask About Free SMS Delivery Reports

One of the most important questions you should ask before finalizing the deal is asking about free SMS delivery reports. Bulk advertising is a proper procedure that can be tracked to improve performance in the future. Getting a delivery report is essential for proper tracking. So, make sure to finalize the plan, which offers a free SMS delivery report and maximize your ROI.

7). Inquire About Up or Downgrading the Plan

You may want to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel the bulk advertising plan at any stage. Making sudden changes can add to your expenses. You have to ask and reach a conclusion with your service provider about the extra cost, penalties, or discount on any of these activities. Being informed in the initial phase is much better than fighting a claim later on.

8). Ask for Annual Discount Options

Most of the service providers offer yearly discounts and other incentives to the business organizations to celebrate their loyalty. If you are also signing a yearly deal, you can ask for annual discount options. You can hire the service of companies offering SMS advertising in Dubai to enjoy affordable packages, and yearly discount offers to maximize your reach to the target audience.

Pick the best plan and maximize your ROI!

The success of your advertising campaign depends on the type of your package. So, do not make hasty and uninformed decisions. If you are facing difficulty picking the package, you can consult the experts and get a quote that suits your needs and requirements. Pick the best plan, which maximizes your reach to your target audience and increases ROI.