Coronavirus brings down the entertainment industry

It’s all over the news! The recent outbreak of the coronavirus in December has negatively affected various industries, including tourism, hospitality, airlines, and import and export. The incident has also taken a toll on the entertainment industry.

The effect of the outbreak of the virus was immediately felt in the lucrative Chinese film industry as major releases were delayed and movie theatres were closed down across the country. Apart from delayed/canceled movie releases and movie theatre closedowns, cancellation of on-location shootings and lower attendance at film festivals are some of the other ways Coronavirus outbreak can affect the entertainment industry.

Countries affected by coronavirus

Experts have predicted that the remake of the movie Mulan (worth $200 million) may be canceled in China. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the production for the seventh Mission Impossible installment has been canceled. The production of the

Also, the premier for the upcoming James Bond movie “No Time to Die” in China has been canceled. Disney parks located in the Asian region have also been closed down. Apart from China, movie theatres have also been shut down in Italy, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and countries that fall in the Asia-Pacific region.