Common Fashion Mistakes Made By Women These Days

We all have the experience of trying that jacket we bought five years ago still fit and perfect. Also, you might have experienced throwing your Zara top away in the dryer only to discover that it has shrunken to a size from the kids area. Maybe, you were in a hurry and grabbed a jeans that were on sale just to find out they are at sale for a particular reason. Whatever may be your body type, or your wardrobe struggles, here are some fashion mistakes to avoid that can help you revitalize your style statement.

Buying Outfits Too Small

Buying small clothes is one of the biggest mistakes women make these days. You need to consider the size of present body condition to decide the exact size of your outfit when going shopping. A small mistake can make you look like a busted can of cookies. When you purchase an attire that fits your body perfectly, your body will look slimmer and you will feel better. It is best to avoid the constant battle of trying to keep everything tucked and sucked.

Short women outfit

Horizontal prints

Horizontal prints provide an impression of a huge figure than actual. It makes you look larger than you truly are. However, if you love stripes, do not bother. All you need to keep in mind is change the direction of your outfit. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, make you look slimmer than you actually are. Moreover, if you are short, they can also make you look taller. Furthermore, you can always choose a classic and timeless combination of various coloured items.

Buying Outfits Too Large

Buying clothes too big is on the other end of the spectrum. In fact, this does not hide your fat areas but accentuates them. Also, they can make you look like a big lady actually. Being chic has nothing to do with becoming size 0. Certainly, that means some popular silhouettes would not be as flattering as you consider Gigi Hadid, to be. But, you are pretty, beautiful and need to rock and cherish the body you are blessed with.

Over Accessorizing

Over accessorizing is something that needs to be avoided in the first place. If you are looking for something chic, it can also be simple equally. You do not wake have to buy a dangly earring, statement necklace, fringe bag and a belt. All these shiny objects keep your beautiful face distracted from others. So, keep it simple and chic. Focus on clear silhouettes and invest in one show-stopping accessory at a time.

Not Trying on Before Buying

Do not purchase anything before trying it on. Buying something online or off the rack before trying can make you look disastrous. It may look beautiful on the hanger, but not appealing enough on you.
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You never know till you try completely. If you are familiar with a brand or store you know fits you well and is according to your style, consider going for it. However, this is just an exception.

Not Purchasing for Your Body Type

Not buying for your body type can be a disaster most of the times. Do not get carried away with fast fashion and fads. Keep in mind that the whole point is to make yourself look pretty and feel fabulous. Choose silhouettes that can flatter your best features. Whether you want to camouflage your problem area or accentuate your small waist, think about the pattern and cut and how it fits your body. Additionally, be aware of your pattern and colour. Coral is one of those colours that looks pretty on every skin tone. But, you have to be careful when you are playing with Mustard colour. It can truly wash some people out. The same is true for large-scale prints. If you are small, a large maxi print can overtake you if you choose to cove the silhouette.

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Ignoring Care and Cleaning Instructions

When purchasing new outfits, it is natural to ignore the cleaning and care instructions out of sheer excitement. However, if your dress is expensive, it can cost you lots of you do not carefully maintain them. Spending a lot of money on designer dresses are fine, but following the important rules is necessary.

Playing it Safe

Playing it safe may sometimes land you up in difficulty. Are you someone who considers buying only one single color? Is your wardrobe filled with grey and black? If yes, you are playing too safe and most likely a victim of boring style. Do not be scared to try bold and bright colours as they may you look sexy and attractive. It is astounding how some colours and smooth florals can not just brighten your face, but also your attitude. Start slow with colours and explore the market once more before you finish your shopping. You will be surprised by the reactions you are likely to get from your colleagues and buddies.
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