Coconut Oil vs Butter. Which is The Healthier?

In this blog post, will talk about what is better butter or coconut oil? 

now as far as cooking goes they’re both really good for cooking. 

okay, also Dr.erec berg uses both of them. 

let’s look at the fat-soluble vitamins. 

butter has a good amount of vitamin a, e, d, and especially k2. 

if it’s from grass-fed cows so you’d always want to consume butter from grass-fed cows. 

Kerrygold is a really good type of butter but there are many others. 

vitamin a is vital for the immune system it’s good for the vision, it is the key vitamin for your eye vitamin e is essential for your heart, for the pituitary gland, it’s this is very important in menopause and this is also really good to keep your muscles strong. 

if at any point that you feel like your muscles are weak especially when you’re exercising you take vitamin e you’ll feel a difference pretty quickly in strength and endurance and then, of course, vitamin d that’s an anti-inflammatory it’s essential for your immune system it’s good for lowering blood pressure and the list goes on and on and on and then k2 drives calcium out of the wrong places. 

it will kind of remove calcium from the soft tissues of the arteries and the joints. 

it also is involved in the strength of the mitochondria and it can actually give you endurance when you exercise.

now let’s talk about MCT oil this is medium-chain triglycerides this turns right into ketones it gives you energy. 

so butter only has eight per cent but coconut oil has 55 so coconut oil is the winner on that level and MCT oil is really good for cognitive function quick energy and especially if you’re just starting out with keto and you want ketones really fast. 

the MCT fats will fill up in your blood and your brain will prefer that over glucose. 

coconut oil also has something called lauric acid. 

You can use coconut oil to make many good recipes such as frozen biscuits in the air fryer and many other recipes. Visit the blog if you want to discover more about that.

that’s really good for your immune system it doesn’t have a lot but it has some. 

so that’s another positive benefit. 

butter has a small chain of fatty acid butyrate. 

this is really good for your blood sugars it’s food for your colon cells it’s also anti-cancer and as a side note your microbiome your friendly bacteria take fibre from your vegetables and it converts it into butyrate. 

so in a cow they eat the grass goes into their digestive system and the microbes then turn it into butyrate. 

so it ends up in the fat in the milk thus the small chain fatty acid. there’s a very small amount of casein that’s the protein in butter not too much it’s almost insignificant. 

so if there is an allergy that you have I don’t think you’ll have a reaction but I just want to let you know it’s in there so maybe you want to do what’s called clarified butter or ghee to have this removed. 

the question is which one is healthier? 

well, I’m going to go more for the butter right here but when you’re using it for cooking realize it’s going to destroy all these right here okay especially if there’s high heat. 

so if you’re cooking you could use either one but if you’re putting it on your food this one is healthier. 

all right, thank you, sir or madam, for reading!