What is cloud hosting?

It is a network infrastructure and server that divides a single server into virtual and multiple servers using the software. These types of devices are often regarded as virtual machines. It is very useful in everyday needs and that is the reason small businesses have begun going towards cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is required for application development, web hosting, desktop work environments. Code Brackets is cloud hosting service providers offering multiple types of cloud hosting such as Private cloud, Public cloud, Managed, and Hybrid Cloud.

Among these cloud servers, public cloud is used to configure website hosting, Forex trading, WordPress hosting, remote desktop environments, file back-ups, email- servers, file storage and sharing, e-commerce websites, and test and development servers.

Why do you need to move away from a dedicated single server hosting to cloud technology?

Well, it is clear that the cloud system is more complex than the traditional single server but setting up cloud technology has got some major benefits too over the ordinary one. Let us tell you its advantages:

More reliable

If your site works on a single machine and for any reason, it goes offline, then the site disappears. If you share your site with the same information between other interconnected machines and one of the machines goes offline, then the other machine picks up the slack and the website stays online.


To meet your specific needs, you can select a custom solution. For a cloud setup, you can select the exact processing power, security, and operating system needed for it. The cloud can accommodate access to a massive database and the hosting of large files.


It is the ability to add huge amounts of computing power very quickly as per the need of the information technology system. By using our cloud hosting you would come across a major increase in resources. By adding cloud servers in different data centers you can improve the performance without much investment.

Due to its huge advantages over IT solutions, more organizations and industries are going for cloud hosting for new creations and ideas. The technology of Cloud hosting has allowed users to build up products that were impossible to build under ordinary hosting models. It is a cost-effective way that allows small businesses to work in a reasonable environment while still remaining is a pool of dedicated resources.

Code brackets is a service provider of cloud hosting in Durgapur offering a combination of infrastructure, service, valuable experience that would help companies like you to jump from your planning stage to the achievement of business objectives. We offer a range of on-demand strategies available along with customer support to guide you through the whole process to avoid pitfalls by identifying unsuccessful implementations.

Get in touch with us today and our customer support experts will help you set up Code Brackets Cloud environment to meet your needs in the long run. Our plans are customized to give flexibility to developers as well as a businessman.