Things You Do Not Know About Clear Quartz

Summary: Clear Quartz is used for various purposes in the real as well as the spiritual world. As it comes to numerous benefits, it is popular among healers and shamans as well. 


Quartz gemstone happens to be one of the many abundant crystals available globally. It is the biggest and most distinct crystal in nature. Being considered as the most expensive gift of Earth, Crystal Quartz is linked with various emotional, spiritual and physical healing benefits. 

Pure quartz crystal is usually known as Rock crystal. It does not come in a specific colour and the impurities discovered within the crystal structure are mainly responsible for the variety of colours it is available. Due to the kind of impurities, they are found in blue, red, white, yellow, pink, orange, green, purple and black colour. However, they also can be multicoloured and colourless as well. 

When people generally imagine an ideal crystal, they imagine the appearance of a 6 faced prism that glows in the light with a whole spectrum of colors. This is known as the perfect jewel, which is also the Quartz crystal. This crystal derives its name from the Greek word “krystallos” which means ice. It is usually found in nature and grows in clusters. If facetted, it gives out a beautiful sparkle. 

From the inception of mankind, this crystal has been given importance for its physical, metaphysical, beautiful, and healing properties. Ancient civilizations leveraged the positive energy of this crystal as it helps in personal development and they used it for funerals and meditation. These days, healers often use this for higher guidance, contacting spirits, meditation, spiritual growth, and manifestation.               

Key Takeaways     

  • Mineralogy: Quartz
  • Color:  Transparent or clear
  • Hardness: 7 Mohs scale
  • Spirituality: Amplification, angel connection, angel communication, divine love, higher realms, awakening, guidance, telepathy
  • Emotions: Stress, acceptance, tension, balance, healing, and stabilization
  • Mental: Balance, healing, memory, and positive energy
  • Physical: Teeth, heartburn, heart, kidneys, immune system, thyroid, pain relief, AIDS, vertigo, vitality. 
  • Rarity:  Common

Importance and Use

Clear Quartz crystal is important for its piezoelectric characteristics that can change pressure and heat into electromagnetic power. It is usually utilised for its capability to focus, amplify, transform and store energy. Due to this, this stone found its ground in different purposes all around us. Ranging from computers, receivers, memory chips, microphones, smartphones, transmitters and electronic devices, it is used everywhere. 

For its unique property of amplifying energy, this crystal is a notable gemstone utilized for communication, expanding consciousness and meditation healing. If you wear jewellery created from this crystal for long periods of time, you are likely to attract love, prosperity, harmony, abundance and vitality. It can help you find the purpose of your life, live in peace and save yourself from any harm. 

It is used for energy amplification and people often used it for making staffs, crystal gazing, crystal wands, pyramids, and more. If you keep it in your working place, it can help remove critical situations and eliminate negativity. The protective force of this crystal is great for artists, healers, media people, inventors, musicians as well as doctors. This can help clear your surroundings from all the negative energy, radioactivity, and radiation. 


Transparent Quartz, being one of the most versatile crystals for healing properties, happens to be a potent gemstone that is pretty popular with shamans, healers, and the ones looking for some spiritual guidance. It is one of those crystals that can work under any condition and is the ideal energy amplifier. The healing energy of clear quartz can enhance the strength of your aura. It can guide you towards a spiritual journey and offer spiritual development and cleansing energy that can help you align with all the chakras. 

Metaphysical Properties

This crystal is one of the most used crystals by shamans and healers in the metaphysical world. Every crystal is deemed to be unique because it attracts people seeking its help. If you wear this crystal, it will boost your personal growth, awareness and wake your mind. Clear quartz helps in connecting the spiritual and physical world as well. It can help you communicate with divine energy, hence bringing your soul into harmony. 

Emotional Healing Properties

The emotional healing properties of this crystal are linked with purifying and cleansing the emotional body. The energy of this crystal concentrates on negative feelings and stimulates thoughts and positive energy. If you wear this gemstone for long periods of time, you are likely to feel an emotional balance. This gemstone also enhances the perception of the outside world, hence improving your awareness and thinking. 

Physical Healing Properties 

This crystal is deemed to be one of the ideal healing crystals and can be utilised for treating various conditions. If you wear this crystal, it is likely to boost your energy flow, stimulate your immune system and bring an overall body balance. Since early days people have used it for treating dizziness, motion sickness, headaches, and vertigo, to improve weight loss and metabolism.  Clear Quartz is likewise beneficial for eliminating body toxins, healing infections, and digestive problems. 

Chakra Healing

Because of its magnificent capability to amplify energy, it was used in Native American mythologies. It can harmonize with each of the chakras. Other than that, it can maintain the best alignment throughout the meditation procedure. Considering the relationship of this crystal to the angelic realm and additional higher realms, Quartz is great when it comes to stimulating the crown chakra. 


By now you have been well aware of the healing properties of this attractive yet beneficial crystal called Quartz. Highlighted above are some of the key facts you need to know about this crystal that no one may have told you earlier. Go through the points above and get the perfect piece to save you from negative energy.