The Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Business

Think about your favourite brand for a while. Think about how long it required to create their perfect company website? Are they the first one to come up in Google search engine? If it happens to be a well-known brand, they possibly might have an easy-to-use site including an effective domain name.

Choosing a good domain name for your company or business refers to your digital home. It is something like purchasing a physical house. You have to find the best fit and the important features had to be available.

To assist you to know the ins and outs of buying and keeping a domain name for your business, here are some tips to help you make the best decision.

Choosing the ideal domain name

Picking a different domain name is an essential part of your online business plan. Domain names must be easy to remember and unique in nature. This will help your prospects and customers easily discover you online.

Ideal domain name

The domain name needs to reflect the core products and services of your business. As the best and obvious names are already taken or used, it is quite important to make sure that the name you choose stands out of the rest.

When picking a domain:

Keep it simple – The primary thing that customers demand is convenience and speed. This is true when they are looking for a service or product. Make sure to keep the domain name easy to remember, type, short and compact.

Use commonly used keywords in your domain name – Make sure to consider the SEO rules all the time. Use the main keyword’s phrase in your domain name to make your site ranking better on the SERPs.

Make it associated with your business – The domain name you choose should be relevant to the products and services of your company. Along the same lines, make sure to avoid fastening yourself in a box in case you are thinking of expanding your services.

It doesn’t have to be a “.com” – .com is the most commonly used domain extension. Moreover, search engines treat other extensions like .site, .net, .in and others as the same. Make sure to make an exact match of the domain that comprises of exact keywords you would like to rank and the search engines are expected to rank it higher than domain names that are less descriptive.

Trademarking your domain name

If the domain name of your company happens to be the same as the brand name, make sure to trademark it to protect your company. Trademarks help in providing legal recourse if someone or a business infringes on your company.


Changing your domain name

If you happen to find your business services going through rebranding or you are looking for capitalising on the SEO options, you can think of changing your domain name as it is going to be beneficial. Change your domain name whenever you want as maximum registrar’s provide you with a process to migrate from one domain name to the other one.

Renewing your domain

Renewing your domain is equally important as the other steps. Make sure to not neglect the domain renewal. The process of domains are more renting and less purchasing. The higher the number of domain names a registrar possesses under its administration, the more the working costs. So, keep this in mind and renew your domain name.

Redirecting traffic to social media

Redirecting traffic takes one user from a particular URL to another. 301 redirects are combined to make sure that the users end up in the best place. This redirecting process might be used by a company that has bought a domain name but does not possess a site to set it up. In these situations, they could consider redirecting their domain to some of the social media pages.

While this plan is one of the best solutions for organisations who do not possess a website to work with their domain, using the redirecting process to social media is not a long-term solution. Make sure to have your own website as it increases your brand’s legitimacy and credibility and enables for more comprehensive control over your content. Therefore, setting up one must be one of the top priorities.

These are some of the steps that you can follow to establish your domain name on the web. If you are looking forward to a successful business strategy, make sure to follow the steps as mentioned above to be rest assured of the performance of your business.