Cheap and Best Gaming Monitor In 2021

This is about the best and cheapest gaming monitors that will be available in 2021 this list is based on performance, Features, Price and more. We included options for every type of consumers,

if you are looking for cheap gaming monitor with 30Khz to 144Hz refresh rate or one with the brightest screen we leave the product for you,

People mostly focuses on hardware when they looking to build a new gaming PC, having a batter keyboard, mouse or controller won’t necessarily mean you get better gaming experience and the same set for the headphones, but if you want the get the most out of your expensive box of hardware then you will definitely need a Gaming monitor which matches the specs of your hardware box. If you are a gamer You can also read Best Gaming Tablet.

What do all the separate expects of the gaming monitor mean? And which one is best for gaming.

Thing to Check Out Before Buying a Gaming Monitor

Resolution: We start things from resolutions as you probably know this the most important factor to consider and nowadays gaming monitors come in three resolutions 1080p, 1440p and 2160p although in hardware stores they will usually have the full HD 1080p, QHD and ULTRA HD 4K.

Higher resolution means that there are more pixels on the screen, as more pixels there are the clearer the image will be,

Refresh rate: We can’t really talk about frame rates without discussing refresh rate. They sound very similar, so we try to put it simply as we can. So the frame rate is only related to your GPU and how many images it can render in a second so far so good, but  the monitor refresh rate that dictates how many times the image will be able to refresh in a second  or if you will how many frames your monitor will be able to display every second so even through your GPU might be able to support well over a 100 frames per second if your monitor has a refresh rate of only 60Hz then you’ll only able to game at 60 FPS and you batter make sure to lock the frame rate at 60 because when the GPU trying to show off and your monitor can’t keep it up you’ll get screen tearing and you don’t want this. Now most modern gaming monitors have refresh rates of 60Hz, 144Hz or 240Hz and if you are looking for a gaming monitor with one of the higher refresh rates just make sure that your GPU will be able to get most out of that.

Adaptive Sync: Above we mentioned screen tearing, this is you get when your monitor trying to display an FPS that higher than its refresh rate to prevent this you should impose a frame rate cap which is usually done with V-Sync in the games graphic option menu, but your performance may suffer for it. But however, if you buy a monitor with AMD Free sync or Nvidia G-Sync technology then you can get rid of this screen tearing without any performance issue.

Panel: Monitor todays use one of these two technology Twisted Nematic (TN) or IPS, the key difference is these IPS panel offers batter picture, batter viewing angle, all around little vibrant and accurate color reproduction, On the other hand the TN panel very much relevant despite this is the fact they support faster response.

Response time: Pixel response time is what determines how long it will take for a single pixel to switch  from white to black and this is count in millisecond, this is so important for gaming because the lower response time that you will be treated to much smoother camera movement and by the contrast  if your monitor has high response time then this can  lead to motion blur during quick camera movements because pixel don’t have enough time to change  color properly aside from motion blur high response times also lead to ghosting.

 Screen size: Usually goes in tandem with resolution but we separated because screen size really should be as big deal as resolution when deciding your ideal monitor besides you aren’t rally given that of the choose here because most of the monitor are between 21 to 27 inches anything larger would not be fit for viewing up or close as you do with gaming monitor or anything lowing would make the higher resolution redundant.

Connectors: modern gaming monitors have following inputs and outputs first a display port, USB, HDMI, 3.5MM jack apart from jack

And here are the top 5 cheap and best gaming monitors                                                                                                                                          

ASUS VP228HE, Under 10K

This is our best and cheap gaming monitor under 10K, if you are looking for quality gameplay without spending over 10K, then this is the best cheap and quality option available, and it offers some amazing feature including 1ms response time for games like

Counter strike: GO, Apex Legend, over watch and much more.


Display: 21.5 inches

Resolutions:  Full HD  1080P (1920 * 1080)

Refresh rate: 30 to 83Hz

Connection: VGA, HDMI, Audio line in

Speakers: Build-in 1.5W Stereo


AOC C24G1, Under 18K

This is our best curved inexpensive monitor in our list, it is quite stylish with ultra-thin display bezels on three sides which make it ideal for gaming setups. At this price you can feel an amazing gaming experience specially with 1500mm arc curvature and you will find a metal stand which is quite steady. It also delivers some surprising good colors and constancy for VA panel plus the contrast level is impressive, it quite difficult to find fault,


Display: 23.5 inches

Resolution: Full HD 1080P (1920 * 1080)

Refresh rate: 48Hz – 144Hz

Connection: VGA, 2HDMI, Audio line in

Wide viewing angle

AMD free Sync technology

View Sonic XG2402,

If you are looking for an affordable 144Hz refresh rate gaming laptop then the ViewSonic XG2402 is the one of the best options available on market. You will found motion handling surprisingly good with fast response time which giving you smooth images without striking, blurring or ghosting and you also get five level  of raping response rate that will help any correct any over seed and motion blur when gaming a high refresh gaming rate plus the low input like  can really enhance your  gaming specially for quick in game reactions, The TN panel delivers short pictures but color reproduction and viewing angle suffer as a result of the TN panel  but as long you sit at front of  monitor the viewing angle should not be the problem.


Display: 24 inches

Resolution: Full HD (1920*1080)

Refresh Rate: 14Khz – 160Khz

Connection: 3 USB, 2 HDMI, VGA, 3.5MM Audio

AMD free Sync premium technology

Flicker Free Technology

7 gaming presets

Black stabilization

BenQ Mobiuz EX25 10, 20k

This is our best brightest budget gaming monitor in our list, which is currently priced under 20K with 144Hz refresh rate, emulated HDR, even decent onboard speakers and its expectational bright with 400 nit brightness. It sleeks with thin bezels and sharp lines with stand and triangular base add a unique element to the overall look. You will find the overall image quality Is pretty good with accurate colors and what’s great is that it’s really bright for a budget monitor. BenQ Mobiuz offers some battery saturation and balance which show battery color experience, you normally wouldn’t find at this price point. But keep in mind the HDR is only emulated


Display: 24.5 inches

Resolution: Full HD (1920*1080)

Brightness: 400

Refresh Rate: 144hz

Connection: 2 HDMI, 3.5MM Audio

Speakers: 2.5W*2 Build in

AMD free Sync technology

Flicker Free Technology

Low blue light

Light tuner

Samsung G5 Odyssey, 23k

This is our overall best cheap gaming monitor, if you are looking for affordable, curved, wide screen for more immersive gaming experience then the Samsung G5 Odyssey, currently priced 23k at market. The 27 inches G5 Odyssey QHD Curved screen delivers some impressive visual with plenty of added features to enhance to gameplay. These atheistic are defiantly a gamer with its carbon fiber like texture and mostly mat black finish, from the sides you might find looks some junky that’s because of the aggressive 1000 arc screen curve, which is little more curve than most curved monitors. G5 Odyssey also features AMD Free Sync premium, so no more screen tearing or input latency with low frame rate compensation and every screen seems flawlessly and it also support HDR10 support and you will enjoy deep dark black luminous white and outstanding detail resolution. The Samsung G5 Odyssey matches BenQ when it comes to color accuracy but has a batter contrast ratio, unfortunately Samsung fall behind when it comes to screen brightness.


Display: 27 inches,

Resolution: 2560 * 1440

Refresh Rate: 144hz

Connection: 1 HDMI, Display port

Response rate: 1ms

Free Sync Support



And there you have it, a list of all the things that you should keep in mind before buying a gaming monitor just remember these guidelines, and also the cheapest and best Gaming monitors list and we know that you will end up making smart purchases.