Monitoring and Managing Your Remote Workforce Effectively

remote work

The world has embraced remote work. We are not talking about the ones who already preferred telecommuting. The coronavirus pandemic has forced all sorts of businesses and companies to function from home. Whether you worked for an IT company or a staffing agency, with the lockdown and social distancing restrictions today, you have no choice but … Read more

How to Beat the Phone Addiction

Phone addiction

Mobile phones are an integral aspect of daily life, and in many parts without even getting access to a cell phone it is practically difficult to socialize, take advantage of the spare time, or even work or read. Nonetheless, most people nowadays are dealing with mobile phone use and cannot appear to put their phones … Read more

New WiFi 6E Standard Brings 5G-Related Technologies To Local Area Wireless

wifi 6E technology

Similar to new innovative smartphone features such as camera quality and face detection, the demand for higher internet speeds never comes to a halt. Have you ever wondered why local area wireless network technologies such as Wi-Fi are continuously improved? A larger part of the work that goes into improving Wi-Fi technology has mainly got … Read more

Prepaid Recharge Under Rs 200 : Top Plans On Offer From Jio, Airtel and Vodafone

prepaid plans

Ting!(SMS Received.)Precautionary alert of “data pack going to end tomorrow” !!!The panic attack starts right? Month End budget, data for web series, Conference video call, everything should be taken care of. When we are discussing Mobile Recharge, three Things should be taken into consideration. Balancing those three things is tough like hell. You are a … Read more

Mukesh Ambani snatches Asia’s richest man title back from Jack Ma with a little help from Mark Zuckerberg

mukhesh ambani & mark zukerberg

Ambani combined $4.6 billion over his property on April 22, as per the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. The shares of the business which experienced a huge decline on April 21 recorded an 11.8% gain within a single day. All acknowledgment belongs to Facebook which funded $5.7 billion into Reliance Jio while crude oil output levity adds … Read more

Role Of Indian Telecom Sector In Mitigating CoronaVirus

Coronavirus effect on telecom

8th March 2020, all of our caller tunes were changed to COVID 19 Advisory. A brilliant step was taken by the Government of India and executed by the Telcos. That Half-Minute audio worked real smooth in spreading awareness. By that time 13 cases were reported in Pan India and the citizens were getting aware of … Read more

5G Giant Nokia Reshuffles Tech Leadership And Scraps CIO Role


Telecom equipment giant Nokia has rejected the position of club chief information manager, last held through Ursula Soritsch-Renier, being part of a more extensive change about the 22 billion euro ($24 billion) business. Her duties have been portrayed by Bhaskar Gorti, the director concerning the Finnish company’s Nokia Software assembly and the group’s main digital … Read more

5 Interesting Facts About Telecom Towers

Telecom towers

Telecom towers may seem trìvial, but they play an important role in contributing to the infrastructural development of every country (especially developing countries). Also known as mobile towers or cell towers, telecom towers are one of the most important types of utility towers. If you see any medium-height tower that has one or more transmitters … Read more