Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary: Google Doodle Celebration


Google is known for their frequent changes of home page and logo to make these more interactive and interesting. These are done to mark special days and events. Recently, the highly interactive Google Doodle has celebrated 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man, an iconic video game and broke the news of releasing Pacman 30th anniversary game. The … Read more

What Are the Top Gaming Sites Schools Haven’t Blocked Yet?

Gaming Sites

Video games and online games are the latest crazes among school-goers. These games are easy to play. Download them on your computer and you are ready to go, only if you have good internet connection (broadband or WiFi). Many experts think playing online/video games sharpens children’s analytical skills. Playing video and online games has become … Read more

What is the trick to winning bingo?

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When you enter a bingo game, whether online or in-house, there’s always the dream in the back of your mind that you may win the prize. Sure, bingo is entertaining enough to play without winning money, but the prizes can be extremely lucrative – check out bingo offers. However, bingo is strictly a game of … Read more

Do all game developers release new online slot games?

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Wherever you look on the internet all you can see are new releases from slot game developers for fantastic new ways to win and brilliant offers! Sometimes, however, it can get a little overwhelming and might make you start to believe that all game developers are releasing new online slot games like Cleopatra Slots all … Read more

Slots Bonus Buy Feature vs Triggering Bonus Round Normally 

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The slot bonus buy feature and normal bonus round feature are incredibly similar, however, there are key differences between the two. Both contain their own advantages and disadvantages – check out some online slots promotions. What is the bonus buy feature?  All slot players should be familiar with bonus features, almost every slot game will … Read more