The Award of The Best Perfume Women Dossier Goes To

YSL Black Opium Dossier

Who not want to smell good? The answer is ‘Everyone’. Perfume is a fascination with many, cutting across the gender and age. Most of the time, people tend to rely on the aroma of soaps they use when it comes to choosing a perfume but that’s hardly enough. There are many reputed perfume manufacturers who … Read more

Zip Code And Other Essential Codes That We Use In Our Everyday Life

Zip Code

We, humans, have grown and matured since our evolution on the planet. We have designed and developed patterns and techniques to make our life comfortable. From the formulas in mathematics or science to practices that help us perform any task, our current life is a routine with pre-determined methods. It’s no secret that we use … Read more

Everything you need to know about Halara


Halara is operated by HK DFS Limited. In Greek, Halara means “ take it easy”. We are putting our own twist onto that and adding to make it pleasurable. We want you to embrace yourself for who you are, including ALL your cute tricks and unique blights.  After multitudinous rounds of searching, we have planted … Read more

Achieve an Elegant and Unique Look and Stand out in the Crowd

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The present time is challenging and people are aware of their self-worth and keep themselves updated with the latest trend to flaunt their personality among the crowd.   With the availability of a lot of resources and the influence on them, people are upgrading their adornments whether it is attire, footwear, or pieces of jewellery. And … Read more