Gangster King  & Queen Tattoos: Types, Symbolic Significance & Best Designs


Tattoo designs are not a new thing. It seems to have resurfaced from the abyss of history which is not less than 5000 years in age. Though it is much celebrated as a statement of fashion these days, tattoo is actually a work of art. Gangster King and Queen Tattoos might be a new craze … Read more

The Award of The Best Perfume Women Dossier Goes To

YSL Black Opium Dossier

Who not want to smell good? The answer is ‘Everyone’. Perfume is a fascination with many, cutting across the gender and age. Most of the time, people tend to rely on the aroma of soaps they use when it comes to choosing a perfume but that’s hardly enough. There are many reputed perfume manufacturers who … Read more

Inspiration for Your Next Cute Girly Tattoo with Ten Trending Designs

Girly Tattoo

As humans, we have the blessing to express our feelings and share our thoughts with other living beings. Unlike other human beings, we have various means to share our feelings, including verbal communication. Among those, art continues to be a famous medium, depicting our emotions and aspirations accurately. We use varied canvases to represent our … Read more

The Secret Facts about Contact Lenses

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Wearing contact lenses might help us to have a clearer vision, especially if we suffer from a vision problem (nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurred vision, or age-related loss of close-up vision). Yet do we have to know all information that relates to the contact lenses? Before searching for more information about contact lenses online, here are the … Read more

Socks With Sandals? A Fashion Guide to Sock Styles

Socks With Sandals A Fashion Guide to Sock Styles

In the age of self-expression, where it’s every man for himself, the fashion rules have been broken. One person dresses a little too casually and suddenly people think dressing that way is okay. It’s a slippery slope. The fashion world has taken notice of this “sockless” look and there have been plenty of critiques about … Read more

Ways to Make Your Shopping Money Matter More

Ways to Make Your Shopping Money Matter More

What are you currently doing when it comes to shopping? Are you buying what you want, only occasionally checking prices, and spending whatever is left in your budget without a care in the world? If so, then this article may be worth reading. The truth is that most people are not too concerned with whether … Read more

Are You Bulky? Here Are The Key Hacks To Stay Stylish

big men clothes

Whether you are broad shouldered, round bellied, big bottomed or all at once, you can still look comfortable, sauve, and stylish with a little chic dressing. In this article, we bring the key hacks to big mens clothes UK that can help style clothes for big men easily. With that being stated, understanding the importance … Read more

Enhance The Beauty of Your Eyes With Stunning Lash Extensions!

Enhance The Beauty of Your Eyes With Stunning Lash Extensions

Today when cosmetic science has advanced so much, there are several means through which you can get your beauty enhanced. Every woman wants to look perfect and her best. If you are among those women who are looking for big full eyelashes that are worth flaunting, here is something exciting for you. Besides all-natural remedies … Read more


fashion designers india

The textile industry is the second largest industry in India after agriculture and when it comes to choosing an apparel we all wanted to be a designer. We, Indians, are really very fortunate to see some budding fashion designers who through time have proven their worth as top fashion designers not only within the country … Read more

Can body wash be used as an alternative to soap?

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Soaps are an essential part of our daily lives. A bar of soap is effective in taking off dirt and sweat and even nourishing the body. Most bars of soap do not strip the body of its moisture and give a good cleanse. In the past few decades, the increase in technology has seen the … Read more

Are contacts better than glasses?

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Whether to opt for contact lenses or glasses has been more of a personal choice. People opt for contact lenses because it is comfortable, convenient, trendy and saves one from the hassle of looking after glasses. But not many know that contact lenses have certain significant benefits. For example, proclear contact lenses are highly recommended … Read more

8 Unique Gift Ideas for Him

gift hampers melbourne2 e6010a00

Sending a gift to someone will allow you to express how you feel towards anotherperson, that you care and love them. When giving a gift, understand that it isn’t a chore. It has to come from the heart. In addition, don’t expect anything in return. There’s no need to have an occasion when it comes … Read more

Types of Stylish Tops You Can Wear At Any Party

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  Parties are real fun and when you dress up yourself right, these are even more enjoyable. Getting compliments on your style will surely boost your confidence in the crowd. And what easier than to don a top. Whether it’s a personal or professional party, we have listed down the coolest and trendy tops that … Read more

Gifts for A Baby Shower

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A baby showers is held few weeks before delivery to celebrate the coming of the baby. It is a way to comfort the mother and also make her happy. It is usually organized by close family and friends. You may be someone who is involved in organizing the event or you may be someone invited … Read more