Can body wash be used as an alternative to soap?

Soaps are an essential part of our daily lives. A bar of soap is effective in taking off dirt and sweat and even nourishing the body. Most bars of soap do not strip the body of its moisture and give a good cleanse. In the past few decades, the increase in technology has seen the soap industry bring new and innovative bathing experiences like body washes and shower gels. Body washes are liquid soaps that are famous for giving a bubbly and luxurious bath experience.

The Fiama Scents Body Wash range is an assortment of different scented body washes. These contain long-lasting fruity perfumes that stay on your skin for around 8 hours. A Fiama body wash consists of skin conditioners and many other good ingredients that nourish skin and give you the perfect bath time.

But, is body wash better than soap? Let us compare bar soap vs body wash and find out!

Both have a similar cleansing technique

A soap bar breaks down dirt and sweat that gets mixed with body oils. It removes this oily layer and all the bacteria that sits on the body. A body washes essentially has the exact cleansing mechanism. In addition, most body washes also contain some extra ingredients that address skin concerns like dryness, clogged pores and flakiness. These ingredients also nourish the skin and moisturise it post-cleansing.

Soap bars can be breeding grounds for bacteria

Soap bars need to be changed every month as they are usually kept out in the open and become breeding grounds for several bacteria. Body washes on the other hand, are stored in plastic bottles that are sealed carefully and do not allow bacteria to enter. Hence, a body wash has a longer life and can be easily used for months.

Body washes are more favourable for people with skin issues

The ingredients in body washes that nourish, and address skin issues make it more favourable than soap bars. People suffering from dry skin or acne should choose a body wash over a soap as it provides cleansing and moisturising, without compromising on safety and hygiene. In this round of soap vs body wash, body wash wins!

Body washes are cost-effective 

It is recommended by health experts that a soap bar must not be shared by two people or more as it is unhygienic. Hence, a soap bar can only be used by one person and must be changed within a month. Meanwhile, with body washes like the Fiama body wash, several people can share the wash and enjoy its benefits for longer as it is mindfully packaged in bottles!

Most body washes contain moisturising ingredients like glycerine, shea butter, petroleum, aloe vera, jojoba oil, mineral oil etc. The essential oils and Vitamin E infusions in body washes particularly help protect the skin in the winters as they are less abrasive than soap bars.

Soaps might contain faint scents or some moisturising ingredients, but in body washes, these are vital ingredients. Soap bars give a basic bath experience whereas body washes, which are usually well-scented, give a bubbly and perfumed experience while also doing its most important task: cleansing.

Body washes are used with loofahs. Using loofahs help exfoliate and can build lather up, increasing the richness of the bath. Each Fiama body wash works excellently with loofahs. The body wash keeps your skin clean and perfumed for 8 hours with its long-lasting fragrances, making it an effective alternative to soap bars.