Can a Tax Attorney Help with Back Taxes?

When you are struggling with back taxes, a tax attorney can be quite handy for you. Every businessman has its priority set for tax filing, but you may still get into a problem even after working hard on it. A tax board can be harsh on you if rules are not followed, even when you are doing everything you can. Thus, it’s much better to hire San Jose IRS tax services before it gets out of your hands.

 Back taxes refers to the taxes that are not taken care of in the year that are due. It results in collected penalties on every unpaid tax whether it’s at the federal, state, or local levels. This might get the taxpayer into trouble when a large amount of tax is accumulated. And to make it alright at your side, you need to hire an expert attorney.

 If you are someone who needs more time to pay your taxes, the best solution can be IRS payment plans, in this way you can slowly pay your taxes without disturbing your business. This will surely include the penalties and interest but you at least get the required time before it becomes much miserable. The tax gets divided into installments into two categories which is a short term plan and a long term plan. You can choose accordingly with the help of an attorney. And get the paperwork started for this. Often attorneys are believed to be much helpful in this situation, as tackling IRS is not an easy job, and an experienced person beside you can help you to tackle all the struggles with IRS.

 Your attorney can not just help with consulting and paperwork, but it may help you negotiate with penalties and help you settle payroll taxes. You don’t even need to handle the correspondence with the IRS, your attorney can easily handle it for you. You can get a free case review and then later head-on.

 Apart from this, you may have back taxes concerning employee incentive stock options in San Jose and thus, you have to understand how tax is analyzed on it. If you haven’t exercised your ISO shares then you don’t need to worry about its taxes. When you buy the ISO share, your tax is payable and the tax is calculated on the spread between the grant price and market price of the share multiplied by the no. Of shares you have exercise. To understand it all with a better perspective, it’s highly preferred to take legal help.

 A tax attorney can help you with back taxes in the following way:

  • An expert attorney can help you with filing ISR taxes and you can use some legal advice to tackle the situation much better.  
  •  You can rely on a tax attorney with any liens and garnishment charges removed from your account or property.
  •  Your attorney can be of the best help when your financial situations aren’t good enough. In case of any bankruptcy, negotiations, or any other request, the attorney can help the taxpayer to get out of such a situation.
  • The legal regulations that follow the back taxes will be understood with the help of the tax attorney and it will be proven to be a great way to relax and give your work to the tax attorney. Like San Jose tax IRS services is one such service that can help you out.
  • If you think of paying back taxes yourself then firstly you need to understand what kind of penalties will be applied. A tax IRS service in San Jose can be helpful to give you detailed information on the penalties applied.
  • Once you know what penalties are levied? If you find any penalties then you must understand how these can be paid or which penalties can be reduced. Now if you want to reduce the penalties then talking with the IRS tax service in San Jose is the best option.
  • A review for the back taxes case is an utmost requirement for any person because it helps to get an overview of the case and at least you will understand what exactly your case is all about. You can consult with a tax attorney to just get a brief overview and ask as many questions as you want.

Yes, you are already under the pressure of paying back taxes, and on the other hand, you need to follow up with the day-to-day tasks. In all this chaos it is more prone to commit mistakes and pay sometimes higher hence it is very important to keep calm and talk to a person who is right for this problem. A tax attorney knows it all and can help you in many ways.


You can even reach out to your friends who have taken help from a tax attorney to get an idea of how the process goes and then take an action forward. Personal referrals may not work for some and hence choose the best IRS tax service in San Jose by getting details from other places also such as online websites and top recommendations on google. I wish you all the luck that prevails!