Can A Dirty Air Filter Cause AC Not To Cool?

An AC’s air filter is not meant to serve the sole purpose of purifying the air that comes out but plays a vital role in the operation of the system. For proper maintenance of your system, it is essential that you clean or change the air filter at regular intervals. This keeps all potential problems at bay, increases energy efficiency and saves you the hassle of expensive AC repairs. Below is a list of six problems that may bug you if you neglect the cleaning and changing of air filters.


Throughout an entire duration of operation, an AC cycles on and off periodically. However, a dirty air filter can increase the frequency of these cycles, resulting in annoying noise, wasted energy and undesirable temperature variations. Hiring a reputed Air conditioning Sydney service will help you fix the filter.

Freezing up

A clean air filter allows free movement of air from your AC unit. An unclean one hampers the movement of cold air, causing it to accumulate inside the AC, thus bringing down the internal temperature. If this condition persists for a considerable period, the accumulation of cold air may cause the formation of ice on the coils.

Uneven cooling

The hindered airflow, as mentioned above, although it may not lead to freezing, is detrimental to an ACs cooling power. Cooling may become uneven, which means you pay more but enjoy less comfort because of cold and hot spots.

Allergen build-up

If your house has people with respiratory illnesses, it becomes all the more important to have clean air filters. An unclean air filter leaves the duct system vulnerable to allergen build-up and may persist for months. A forced-air system invariably releases these allergens into the environment. It is also possible for mould to affect the ducts.

General wear and tear

Proper maintenance by reputed Air conditioning Repairs only adds life to an AC. An efficient air filter prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the internal components of the AC unit. A malfunctioning filter aids the wear and tear process that may eventually lead to serious maintenance issues. While you have to pay for expensive AC repairs, the actual lifetime of your AC may come down by a year or two. 

Lesser system efficiency

You might feel reluctant to change your ACs air filter because of the cost. But such an action can only cost you more in the long run. This is simply because an AC unit with an unclean air filter consumes more power to produce the same amount of cooling, thereby increasing your electricity bill. 

The way out

The bright side is that these issues have a simple solution. Based on what type of filter you have, you simply need to replace or clean it periodically. A reusable filter needs to be handled with care to ensure that your AC functions at maximum possible efficiency. It should be removed, rinsed with water and allowed to dry in the air completely before being refitted. Never should you slide in a wet filter as it may lead to ice formation and other issues. Also, wiping the filter may damage its delicate surface. 

For ACs that use disposable filters, it is necessary to get hold of ones designed for your particular model and not generic ones from a hardware store, even if it costs a little more. In general, filter replacement is recommended once a month.