Quintessential Camping Tips For Amateur Trekkers

Summary: You may have planned for buying tents and canopies quite a while before truly deciding the place to camp. Well, there’s a lot more to camping apart from the fun you wish to have. This article sheds light on the essential camping tips and tricks so that you have a great camping experience.

Author Bio: Rehan is a travel blogger by passion and he happens to work in the travel industry on a freelance basis. He has been researching trekking and camping for quite some time and he has documented his experiences so far.

Camping is not only about tents and bonfires. It is a lot more. Camping is one of the activities that people enjoy and opt for when they want to take a break from daily life. But, not everyone can be a good trekker and enjoy hiking and camping if they do not have prior experience. Well, it does not mean that if you are an amateur you cannot go camping or enjoy hiking.

Make sure to plan for bad weather

When planning to stay in tents or using a camping product, the weather might take a toll on your plan as it is really unpredictable.

  • It will be best if you pack lots of warm layers, waterproof clothing, insect repellent, sun protection, and a warm hat apart from your camping equipment.
  • It is better to keep a check on the weather forecast beforehand. We all know that weather forecasts are not always accurate but keeping a check on them will provide you with a good concept of what to prepare for next.

Plan all activities early

If you are planning to camp in an area that you have never visited before, there are a lot of things to keep in mind before leaving home.

  • Apart from a pop-up canopy,camping tent, pop-up tent, or canopy tent, you need to carry a checklist with you that will include all your planned activities. Plan your timings in your campsite before you arrive.
  • Check the nearby areas to enjoy your camping the best and check the cycling and walking trails as there is a lot to do when there are options open for a number of activities.

Being over-prepared helps sometimes

It is better to be over-prepared and under-prepared. We all know that light packing is handy but you would not understand what you actually require until you have been to camp a few times. Listen to your intuition and do not abruptly listen to anyone that suggests you anything about your packing.

  • Carry out your research about the place and carry camping equipment according to that. Apart from canopies and tents, opt for a beach tent if you are visiting a coastal area or if the beach is nearby.
  • It is best to be prepared for all kinds of situations until you are an expert in camping. Make a list of the essentials that you need to pack for your camping apart from a bell tent, pop-up tent, or regular camping things.

Pack quick meals

Taking a few meal options that do not require cooking is one of the best things you can do during bad weather.

  • Pack some food products that need no cooking so that you can give yourself some time to rest in your canopy tent.
  • Apart from packing some quick meals, you can also prepare your food beforehand. Chapter the vegetables, mix the pancake batter, and crack all the eggs before leaving home to save you some time on the campsite.

Pro Tip: Take a big water container and tea bags

You need to restrict the times you need to walk and keep a large container of water nearby you. This is one of the best things for refilling your water bottles and using it for cooking and washing your hands. Teabags also happen to be one of the most popular items that people generally overlook while packing for a campsite.

Pro Tip: The first aid kit is a must

You may not need to use a first aid kit but keeping it on the basics of medical emergencies can help you. Learn the basics of cleaning and bandaging and addressing a wound if you or someone meet with an accident. If you happen to be camping with a pet dog or cat then make sure to take a separate kit for your pet as it will be the best idea.

Wrapping Up

Your camping experience can be fun if you do the right things and take the right camping equipment. Apart from that, you need to keep a check on the additional things to take with you while going camping. We have mentioned the required ones above and we can provide you with plenty more camping recipes, information, and inspiration for your next camping idea.