Bracelet Stacks As The Main Decoration of the Hand

It is rare to find a young lady who calmly walks past shops or jewelry shops. This is the weakness of the majority of the fair sex. Today, jewelry boxes of modern women of fashion have jewelry for all occasions. A variety of shapes, colors, different materials give room for imagination when creating more and more new images.

Of course, there are especially favorite things, especially dear to the heart, ears, hands, fingers.

Today there are certain pieces of jewelry that are at their peak. At first glance, it is a simple, but simple decoration that can effectively transform any image, emphasize the mood of its owner, and even be an amulet. The Bracelet Stacks, as an adornment, has many faces, this is confirmed by a thousand-year history.

Bracelet Stacks: How it all began

Each person has visited the archaeological museum of his city or country at least once and probably saw the very first Bracelet Stacks. They appeared more than 2.5 million years ago. Our ancestors weaved them from the bark of trees, leather, later, with the development of human abilities, they made them from bone, metal, and stone. With every century, more and more materials were discovered that were used to make this jewelry. The Bracelet Stacks was especially popular in the Roman Empire, it was from there that the fashion for this hand ornament came.

A feature of the Bracelet Stacks at that time was the combination of jewelry in design and style with rings, necklaces, and earrings. If all the jewelry of the Roman lady of that time was made in the form of a snake or braided ropes with a lion’s head, then the Bracelet Stacks was with the same pattern or pattern. Of course, the unique style and creativity of Roman jewelry were originally borrowed from the ancient Greeks – running dogs, figurines of gods, foxes. Nowadays, fashion designers often turn to such ideas.

It is also worth noting that initially, the Bracelet Stacks had a rather magical meaning. It was believed that they perfectly protect from misfortunes and diseases, from spirits and enemies. The creation of this jewelry could be a whole ritual, and it was necessary to wear it without removing it. Interpreted or preserved paintings and archaeological finds prove that the Bracelet Stacks was an ornament not only for a woman’s hand but also for a man’s. And he served as the same amulet among men. The Ancient Egyptians have many metal Bracelet Stacks worn on the wrists and shoulders.

The shape of the Bracelet Stacks and the place it occupied on the arm also mattered. It depended on the traditions of society and styles of clothing. 

Bracelet Stacks as secular symbolism

With the advent of precious metals and stones in human life, Bracelet Stacks acquired the meaning of not only an amulet but also a sign of a certain class attribute and a sign of wealth. Silver and gold jewelry always shone on the wrists of aristocratic ladies, always inlaid with precious stones. Today, Hollywood stars also showcase the beauty of jewelry.

The design for jewelry was determined by fashion and culture: a variety of antique patterns, mythological creatures, occult symbols, butterflies, animals, ornaments – all this was on Bracelet Stacks at different intervals and in different countries. But no matter what the Bracelet Stacks was during the Middle Ages, New, or Modern times, it has not lost its secret meaning.

It is curious that in the 18th century, Bracelet Stacks were decorated with stones in a certain sequence, the first letter of the name of a precious or semi-precious stone corresponded to the letter of the name of the beloved owner of the Bracelet Stacks. Soon, pendants appeared – medallions for bracelets, these were hollow pendants, inside which a lock of a lover’s hair or his small portrait could be kept. Such a Bracelet Stacks was worn exclusively on the left hand, it was believed that this way it was closer to the heart.

Another interesting piece of jewelry for that time is a Bracelet Stacks with the magical name “heart bondage”. This piece consisted of two rings connected by a heart-shaped chain. Both rings were worn on one hand: the first ring is closer to the elbow, and the second on the wrist. It can be assumed that such decoration was demonstrated only to the most elite.

Fashion Bracelet Stacks

Today, no one considers the Bracelet Stacks an amulet or an aristocratic symbol, the Bracelet Stacks has become a simple accessory. Many women have dozens of Bracelet Stacks in their box for all occasions. And, of course, it is very strange to imagine that the pendant, which is fastened to your friend’s jewelry, conceals the curls of her loved one.

The contemporary bracelet is the result of exquisite design and craftsmanship. He has always served as an object of close attention, for this jewelry is created. Every fashionable jewelry house necessarily includes in its line of jewelry. Previously, ladies were shocked by the size of a diamond. Now the emphasis is on non-standard material design.

This year, the most incredible combinations are very popular: many Bracelet Stacks, thin and wide, on one arm of different colors are considered relevant. Bracelet Stacks made of leather, straw, bone, varnishes, and enamel are also very common.

Rosary Bracelet Stacks. Bead bracelets.

Many women of fashion know that it is not the first season that ball Bracelet Stacks are in fashion. The founder of this trend was the former agent of Hollywood stars Loree Rodkin (Loree Rodkin) today she is already a designer of various accessories. It was thanks to this fashionable, extravagant woman that the rich and famous without regret exchanged their vintage diamonds for Indian Bracelet Stacks – rosary beads made of turquoise and other materials. After conquering bohemian America, the designer decided to become the darling of the political elite of her country and almost immediately became Michelle Obama’s chief jewelry designer. America’s First Lady chooses Lori Rodkin’s Bracelet Stacks for her most important interviews and major gala events.

Rosary Bracelet Stacks really look very good both with jewelry and bijouterie, while harmoniously complementing each other.

Therefore, those who have not yet replenished their box with a Bracelet Stacks made of balls, we recommend paying attention to this particular model. The main charm in beaded bracelets is that you can fantasize and show your individuality and creative nature.

Bracelets for girls – A Variety of Types

According to the material from which the jewelry is made, Bracelet Stacks are the most incredible. There is no limit to the imagination of modern craftsmen – traditional precious metals, waxed cords, memory wire, wood, bone, ribbons, jewelry mesh sleeves, plastic, silicone, and much more are used. The types of bracelet fasteners are no less inventive.

Unlike men, women like to wear bracelets not only on the wrist. The forearm and leg are also often decorative objects. Bracelets on his leg, which is also called “anklet” (from the English anklet -. Ankle bracelets – ankle) are popular among fashionistas in the warm season when the body of a naked. Bracelets on the forearm ( Eng. Upper arm bracelets ) and in the summer are often, but beyond that, they are the original decoration for a party, perfectly combined with an open cocktail dress. In today’s fashionable ethnic trend and Bracelet Stacks “pannier “, which are worn on the hand and on the finger, connected by a chain.