Best Free Online Courses Available Globally

You might want to pursue some courses for professional help but you don’t have time to attend regular classes? You can now fulfil your dreams through online courses offered by different universities with certificates. A certificate course not only helps you learn but also acquire good jobs. A certificate is like an ornament to your resume. Only getting a free course will not help you because you need to find the right course and move in the right direction.

Well now that you have decided to join a free course, you are in the right place. We will guide you properly about every course that is truly free. Scroll below and explore the options you are about to have. Oh and yes we will help you find free online courses that will provide printable certificates too!

What Are The Courses?

Let’s now explore the various options you are about to get here.

Udemy- Best For Marketing And Designing

They have a huge range of paid courses that are great. Well, you must be very lucky because they have a huge range of free courses too. Free video courses are very much popular. To be exact, they have 823 free videos. Choose any one course and complete it. After completion, you will be provided with a printable certificate too. Tutors are well established and hold the highest degrees in their specific subjects.

Know more about courses of Udemy:

Varieties of courses are offered by Udemy namely Python, Blockchain, Powerpoint, Excel, Social media marketing, Linux, Final cut pro, Programming, Mobile development, Blogging Spanish, Premier Pro, HTML, Java and many more.

Oxford Home Study- Best For Management

Oxford home study is a renowned online course provider. They have free courses and yes no hidden amount for certificates.

Video credit: Oxford Home Study College

They provide courses like

Project Management
Tourism and Travel
Fashion Designing
Supply Chain Management
Hotel Management
Business Management
Construction Management
Customer Service
Internet Marketing

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Google Digital Garage- Best For Digital Marketing

We do use google every single day, don’t we? But did you know google has a whole range of online courses? The best part is, Google does not charge anything for it. The courses are completely free. You have access to unlimited videos, modules and notes.

Googele digital garage

Once you are done Google will provide you Goole accredited certificates to help you get the best job.

The categories and classes Google provides includes

Google Cloud Platform
Business Security
Big Data
Digital Marketing
Social Psychology
Pluralsight- Best For Developers

Are you trying to upgrade your online technical skills? This is the best free course for you. Pluralsight provides you with the best mentors in the world. Pluralsight has already partnered with some of the best companies in the world like Google, Oracle, Unity, Adobe and Microsoft. They will provide you a 10 days free trial. If you can complete the course within these 10 days you won’t have to pay anything. If you wish to continue, you will have to paid for the course and hey, you will receive a certificate to attach with your resume.

The course offered are

Cloud Computing
Manufacturing & Design
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security
Microsoft Azure
IT Operations
IT Networking
Malware Analysis
Lynda or LinkedIn Learning- Best For Variety Of Courses

Want someone trusted? Lynda is the most trusted online courses provider. 13000 videos! Yes, lynda provides 13000 video courses which is the largest of all. Professionals are always available to take you class and queries. Be sure to get 100% genuine information.

Lynda 1

Lynda made this learning very best with these videos and other activities that will help you find out your problem. They also have mobile applications for Android and iOS. Do the course for a month free! Simple unsubscribe to the course upon getting the certificate. They have no hidden course fee.

Download the Lynda App

Microsoft Learn- Best For Microsoft Learning

Who doesn’t want to work with Microsoft? Trust me you are on the right spot. Microsoft has their own platform to provide online courses just like Google Digital Garage.

This course will help you get your dream job in Microsoft itself. Microsoft will help you learn specifically about Microsoft unlike Google. Because Google makes you ready for the industry. Whereas Microsoft naked their own army. Azure Andy dynamics 365 are the most popular classes by microsoft. There are courses for beginners and advanced courses too.

Different other courses others but microsoft are

AI EngineerFunctional Consultant
Solution Architect
Business Analyst
Data Scientist
Business USer
Data Engineer

Well, these are some of the best free online certificate course destinations and courses. Concluding this article we wish you all the very best for your future.