Benefits of Timber Pergola over Steel

Looking to build a pergola to add some charm to your home?

This pergola will provide protection from the weather elements, adding serenity and comfort to all your outdoor events.

However, there are plenty of styles and materials for pergolas to compliment the present architecture of your house and surroundings. The main factor to decide is whether to choose metal or wood for your pergola. Let’s just discuss both the available option to upgrade your backyard.

Timber Pergolas

Timber is the most frequently used building material for pergolas. It gives a natural, rustic look and can be painted to complement the surrounding color palette.

Timber provides wide flexibility in designing pergolas. The most popular timber pergola design is the open-air pergola, without any walls or roofs. You can further complement your timber pergola with climbing or trailing vines and plants. It will add greenery and will protect your pergola from harsh weather conditions.

Timber is a quite simple and undemanding affordable material to build a pergola with and highly recommended by pergola builders. However, it is not as strong as aluminum or steel. Pergola builders advise not to build timber pergola structures on coastal areas, as sea salt and sand can deteriorate the pergola structure.

Timber pergola demands regular cleaning and maintenance for a healthy and aesthetically pleasing appeal. Just wipe down the pergola frame with bleach to prevent mold growth during the wet rainy period. Pergola builders usually put an initial coat of heat-resistant paint to halt dry heat destruction to the pergola.

Also, timber pergolas require repainting at least once every five years to ensure that the well-being of the wooden frame.

Pros of Timber pergola

  • Timber pergola structure is robust and stronger and can hold solar panels too.
  • Timber is the readily available and cheap building material for timber pergolas.
  • Timber is comparatively more resistant and unaffected to the salt and sand in the air and therefore lasts longer.
  • Timber offers a wide array of design capabilities and perhaps more tailored designs for your timber pergola.
  • A timber pergola can easily be repainted. Repainting will give it a look as good as it did the day it was built.
  • Timber offers rustic pastoral looks and adds a persona to an average-looking backyard.

Cons of Timber pergola

  • Timber pergola has to need high maintenance and cleaning to protect them from heat damage, mold, rotting, and other weather elements.
  • The building cost of a timber pergola is comparatively less.
  • Timber pergolas are structurally not as sturdy and durable as steel or aluminum pergolas.

Steel Pergolas

Steel pergolas are highly flexible and robust structures. It can be painted to complement the surroundings. Pergola builders apply a high-quality powder coat is to the steel structure to protect the metallic finish of the steel.

Steel pergolas can be customized in any shape or design to suit individual choice and design specifications.

Steel is a very strong building material, thrashing in terms of strength and durability.

However, steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion. The rusting can be prevented by applying a 100% zinc coating or a zinc-aluminum combination paint at the time of installation. Ask your pergola builder for more on this!

Pros of steel pergolas

  • Steel pergolas are quick and easy to install.
  • Steel is strong, sturdy, and durable.
  • Steel can be painted in the color of your preference.

Cons of steel pergolas

  • Steel is prone to rust and corrosion, however, zinc coating at the time of installation can prevent rusting.

So which is a fair choice for a pergola in your backyard?

Steel is big budget but maintenance free for the lifetime, whereas timber pergola is classy.

The choice of building material for pergola comes down to personal preference and stylistic symmetry for your home. Most people have their own choices and instinct as to which material they prefer for the pergola.

So, your budget, aesthetic and care and maintenance needs are the deciding factors while choosing the right building material for your pergola.

Whatever is your choice, you will have a new outdoor area in the form of a pergola, to entertain your friends and family. Get started now to make the most of your backyard.