Basic men’s watches and their styles

A men’s watch is more than a measure of hours and minutes. It is not only about checking the time, but also about looking presentable. Now choosing a watch that suits one requires quite ca careful consideration and a lot of factors.

Seiko watches for men have various styles and functions and one can choose them according to their budget. One must know that from high-end watches to super trendy ones, there is a style for everyone.

Types of Watch Movements

Those who are fascinated by wristwatches should also be aware of the watch movements as they fall into 3 categories:

§  Mechanical

This is the original wind me up to watch and they are powered by tiny gears and wheels.

§  Automatic

It is just an automatic version of a manual mechanical watch and is self-winding.

§  Quartz

They are the modern watches where no winding is required because it is battery operated.

Now there are smartwatches available as well which one can connect with their phone and they can also work as a fitness tracker.

Types of Watches

Before choosing Seiko watches for men, one has to be aware of the popular types of watches that one can consider adding to their watch collection:

          Dress Watches

The main function of a dress watch is to compliment any formal wear or a business suit. They have simplicity in them and when buying a dress watch it has to be properly proportioned to the wearer’s wrist. Otherwise, it can draw more attention to itself which that must never do. Since it is mostly worn with a suit, a dress watch has to be thin enough to slip in and out of the dress shirt cuff smoothly. One also has to keep an eye on whether it matches well with the belts and leather shoes. Dress watches mostly have no complication and so their presence is also quite simple. The dial and bezels are also needed to not much ornament. It looks better when the patterns are subtle.

          Field Watches

They look rugged and traditionally a good field watch will have a stainless-steel case and the modern versions have titanium constructions or PVD coatings. The field watch needs to be readable even under low light or night conditions. The bands of these watches are traditionally leather, or canvas made and they could be easily swapped if they get damaged.

          Aviator Watches

There is no single style for an aviator watch. They keep growing as per new requirements and technology. The earliest ones were worn by the pilots (hence the name) and they had to be accurate and could be read even under low light conditions. Over time they have become more up to date keeping in mind some specific aviation functions.

          Dive Watches

This is one is the most prolific men’s style watch. Accurate timekeeping is crucial here because it can go a hundred feet underwater while carrying a finite supply of air. So, divers are always in demand of some superior timepieces. In addition to time accuracy, they also need to have great water resistance capacity. Cases and bands should be corrosion resistant and so they can be made from titanium, stainless steel, rubber, or silicone.

          Racing Watches

They are not bound by uniformity and they tend to be much flashier. One can get many styles and exotic color options when they are selecting a racing watch. The main things that are needed to be present in a good racing watch are a tachymeter and a chronograph.

Now what type of outdoor watches one should buy always depends on what suits them the most and what type of activities one is most into. In most cases, it is advised to go for a watch that is water-resistant because when one is outdoor it can rain anytime. Also, one needs to check the thickness of the straps as well and how they match well with their wrists.

Seiko watches for women have a lot of varieties and styles as well. One can choose a watch depending on how well it suits one’s wrist. There are both big dialed and small dialed watches to choose from along with varieties of band styles and types which lead to a lot of varieties.