Areas to Remember When Doing Snow Removal at Home

Sledding and snowball fights are great winter fun! Shoveling snow…not for everyone. As unpleasant as it can be after clearing driveways and sidewalks, it’s important to remember several other areas to keep your home and family safe.


Not only is it safer to keep pathways to the home clear of snow and ice, it also guarantees mail delivery. Mail carriers can refuse to deliver mail if the conditions to do so are unsafe. To avoid delays in delivery of important letters and packages, make sure the area to and around mailboxes are clear of snow and ice.


Snow accumulation on roofing can cause damage to a home. Added weight can tear off gutters. Falling icicles can damage objects below or even come through windows. Snow can lead to ice dams that, when melting, cause water to leak into the home. Removal of excess snow on the roof is essential to protect property.

Fire Hydrants

Home fires require quick action by trained professionals. Time is wasted when firefighters search through snow banks to find a hydrant and clear away snow before connecting a fire hose. Neighbors can take turns clearing hydrants to save precious minutes in the event of a fire-related emergency.

Animal Areas

Snow and cold can be unpleasant for pets, especially small dogs. Dogs need to relieve themselves several times a day regardless of the weather. Clearing a small area for them in the grass can make them more comfortable and prevent harm to their paws due to sidewalk salt or ice.

Fire Escapes

Home fires increase in the winter due to the use of heating, holiday lighting, and fireplaces. Unnecessary tragedy can be avoided by ensuring that the fire escape is readily accessible. All snow should be cleared from around doorways and windows so that they are easily opened in an emergency. Any staircases should be treated with salt to prevent ice build up that could cause dangerous slips and falls.

Around Garbage Cans

Few people enjoy the task of taking out the trash but it’s even less pleasant in the winter when it’s cold and snowy. Removing snow accumulation from the area where garbage cans and recyclables containers are stored and put out for pickup can make trash day a bit less of a chore.

It only takes a little extra effort to enjoy a safer winter wonderland. Keep these things in mind when you are looking at Boulder Colorado real estate.