Are there mobile slots bonuses?

Ever since slot machines were first invented they have held so much promise, however it took a number of decades before these innovative gambling games really started to capture the public imagination. Indeed, in the early days of the slot machine industry gambling was still largely illegal across the world, however this all changed after WWII, when the legalisation of gambling led to a massive slots boom.

It really didn’t take long for the gambling industry to take off after it was legalised in places like Las Vegas, with casinos popping up left right and centre. Indeed, the classic image of vast Las Vegas slots halls is something that will stay with gamblers from that era forever. These days, however, slot gambling is something that largely takes place online, with many people playing mobile slots – click to view. Have you ever wondered whether or not there are mobile slots bonuses? If so keep reading to find out! 

Slots: From Charles D. Fey to your mobile phone 

Ever heard of a man called Charles D. Fey? If you know anything about the history of slot gambling you’ll know exactly who we’re on about here, as Charles D. Fey is the guy who made the whole thing possible! Oh yes, this Californian engineer is credited with inventing the Liberty Bell slot machine, which was the world’s first ever commercially successful slot to ever be made. 

Things have changed an extraordinary amount since those days, however, with the slots industry showing off quite incredible levels of technological innovation. For example, by the 1980s video slots had been made possible because of RNGs, and by the 21st century we are lucky enough to have such things as online slots, mobile slots, and soon even virtual reality slots. 

A few types of mobile slots bonuses 

The title of this article is: are there mobile slot bonuses? And the answer is, of course there is! These days there isn’t a type of slot game that doesn’t have some kind of bonus, it’s such an essential part of the industry. Keep reading for a few different types of mobile slots bonuses: 


  • Free spins mobile slot bonus: Just like with conventional desktop online slots, free spins bonuses are incredibly common in mobile slots. In fact, you would actually find it pretty damn difficult to find a mobile slot without a free spins bonus these days.

  • Mobile slots deposit cash back bonus: The world of mobile casino is absolutely massive in 2021, and this means that there are plenty of mobile casino sites out there who are offering some pretty juicy deals. If you want to make the most out of your bankroll it is always a good idea to check out any potential mobile slots deposit cash back bonuses.

  • Mobile slot bonus rounds: The slots industry has evolved massively over the years, which means that nowadays it is pretty standard for mobile slots to have bespoke bonus rounds. These can come in many different forms, but almost always result in some huge multiplier prizes!


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