Are there mobile slot games bonuses?

Many people who don’t have a lot of experience playing slots games online are tempted by the possibility of winning huge jackpots. Most of us have heard about the multi-million-pound prizes some gamblers have won on free spins with no deposit UK games like Mega Moolah. Slots games can genuinely change your life forever, which is part of the draw.

Aside from the pound signs in your eyes though, when you sign up to an online casino, there’s definitely another aspect to consider.

This second aspect is whether there are any bonuses on offer, and how generous they are. Of course, the bonuses will vary from site to site and come in all different shapes and forms, but they’re still there to be analysed.

Bonuses exist to offer you a better user experience and should be researched in detail before committing to one specific online casino.

Welcome packages

If we’re going to analyse the bonuses you’ll encounter chronologically, we’ll start with the welcome packages you’re likely to be offered.

It’s important to bear in mind that you, as a gambler, are vital. Without you, there’s no money going into the industry. As a result, each online casino has to vie for your custom. As every online casino really wants you to sign up on their site, the welcome packages they’re willing to offer you can be really generous.

Having said that, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the biggest offer is therefore the best. Some welcome packages may promise large amounts in bonus funds, but on closer inspection, the small print could state that it comes with a number of wagering requirements or caveats.

Some good advice is to search for deposit match bonuses. This is where the casino will match your first cash deposit up to a certain amount.

Free spins and extra spins

Free spins are one of the most popular bonuses for online gamblers as they are, in effect, free money. You can spin a certain number of times without spending one single penny from your e-wallet, and you may scoop some winnings in the process.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are great bonuses to get because it’s a way for the casino to thank you every time you deposit some cash into your e-wallet.

Whenever you transfer over some funds, the online casino matches your deposit up to a certain amount.

Loyalty bonuses

Finally, how do online casinos keep your custom once they’ve got it? Reload bonuses will only go so far because they rely on you transferring cash.

You’ll get to the stage where you’re such a valuable commodity for the site, that they’ll just want to start throwing bonuses at you for no other reason other than you’ve stuck around for a long time!

Maybe it’s a certain amount of time spent as a user on one site, or simply by reaching a milestone of a specific amount of cash being deposited into your e-wallet.

Loyalty bonuses will offer you things like free spins, but will likely go further and elevate your status on the site. It’s common to see tiered systems in online casinos and you may be upgraded from Bronze membership to Silver, or from Silver to Gold.

Depending on which status you are, this will mean that the bonuses you receive are bigger, more generous, and increasingly lucrative.