An Unforgettable Bali Backpacking with My Travel Buddy

The real Problem

Every year I prepare my backpacking with my old school best friend, Suzan. Last December, we decided on Bali Backpacking as we were looking for a cheap backpacking destination with unlimited enjoyment. Unfortunately, Suzan got some urgent assignment and an unavoidable situation. She rang me up and told me to drop the idea and suggested me to make a buddy with her friends or friend of friends. Bali is always a hot destination for backpackers, and I was sure to find my travel buddy. To my surprise somehow all the people I know in my social circle who can travel along were engaged with some work. I was extremely upset as I don’t want to miss my Bali Backpacking plan. The Paradise Island of Bali was like calling me for its mesmerizing beaches and exceptional natural beauty all over. Under no circumstances, I was ready to change my plans. But, don’t want to travel alone either. I was standing at a crossroads, and the time was less as my entire preparation was pending. I was indeed not getting the charm preparing my Bali itinerary alone. I was terribly upset as I love traveling and after a long time, I managed a work break. Everything with Suzan was so well planned, the last moment she disagreed with her travel.

The Solution

At the last moment, one of my friends called me giving a solution. She informed me about an amazing platform through which like-minded travelers connects up with similar travel interest in mind. She recommended me, an online travel networking platform. I was so thrilled and excited that I started jumping on my bed for a long time. I was delighted and obliged to my friend and god that finally I was going for Bali Backpacking. My happiness remained no limit, and I started dreaming about the Bali Beaches, the terrific atmosphere, the active volcanoes, the roaring seas and all those scenic beauties which made Bali, an Island Paradise. It was now time to find out more about Elastic Trip and the straightforward thing is to log on to their website. The first impression was amazing to me looking at their homepage, as there is a secure login option. I was extremely happy with this as it shows every registered member maintains a verified account. Therefore, I can find my correct travel buddy near me who also wants to travel with a partner. This was really an extraordinary concept for me, and I never imagined that over the internet I could find such a terrific travel share service platform.

Without wasting any time, I logged in with my Google account and created an amazing profile providing some basic information. I was looking for a female travel buddy which I clearly mentioned while creating my profile. I left a simple one-liner message that I am going for Bali Backpacking, is there anyone interested to join me? That night I slept thinking positively about getting a perfect female travel buddy to go with me during my Travel. I slept dreaming about the mesmerizing Kuta Beach and the white roaring sea waves in Bali. The next day I received an amazing response in the inbox. I was extremely surprised thinking that I was not the only one looking out for a travel partner, there were many. I was happy because all those who contacted me were from my local area, but we never met. I shortlisted Niki as that was her first Bali Backpacking too and she was extremely excited to meet me and discuss the plan.

Take a Call

I replied to her and on the same day, we decided to meet up in a local coffee shop. Niki was of my age and extremely passionate to travel. On meeting Niki she told me since she started connecting up with travel buddies through Elastic Trip, never she has to compromise her travel dreams. She already covered various local and international travels, traveling together with buddies she connected. Niki was on with her travel story, and I was excited to listen about all her experiences. It seems that ElasticTrip has helped her to unleash the hidden doors of her travel dreams. Niki was really lucky to be with ElasticTrip over a period of time accessing their service and extremely happy. Now, it was time for both of us to sit together and start working on our Bali Itinerary. We prepared a travel checklist and bought some gears from Leisure Co like a tumbler, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag which can pack in our backpacks easily. 

Why Bali?

Bali, the paradise island of Indonesia and the most happening backpacking destination in Southeast Asia have mesmerized travelers over the years. This island is one among the most beautiful of all the 17,000 Indonesian islands famous for its stunning beaches, enriched history and culture, natural beauty, activate volcanoes, exciting watersports, and much more. Traveling here with a buddy is the most ideal situation as you can share the expenses on food, accommodation, etc. and save a big pocket. You also get the opportunity to share the excitement together and make your trip memorable. Niki and I don’t have any doubt that it was going to be a great time together.

What Next?

We divided the tasks among ourselves like she took the task to find and book the best airlines and I was searching for the hotels. Both the options are easily available for Bali Backpacking. Denpasar International Airport Bali hosts flights from all major airlines globally. Niki told me that there is excellent air connectivity between Bali and all major airports globally. Major airlines have their direct flights or en route flights for Bali Denpasar Airport. We were looking for low-budget airlines, and Malindo Airlines seems to be a perfect choice. We booked our flights and took our first step successfully for Bali backpacking, all courtesy to ElasticTrip.

Both of us were overwhelmed with Joy and thrill as we both would be out for exotic travel after a long time. Niki is a research fellow and keeps busy with her work, and I am an investment banker. Although both of us were from a completely different field with different tastes and likings, the only common area of interest between us is traveling. This brought us together and again thanks to ElasticTrip for creating such a terrific platform. Choosing a hotel is the most important task while preparing any travel itinerary. The reason is if the hotel is located centrally with all the attractions and near to the airport, traveling becomes much cheaper and convenient. After a long search, I discovered one amazing hotel located right at the heart of Kuta. The hotel’s name was Adi Dharma Palace. When I opened the picture gallery of the hotel and read the reviews, we were really excited. I must say Adi Dharma Palace is an ideal hotel for Backpackers. The room rates are not only competitive but the best in comparison with other hotels of the same category. The hotel also provided exciting pool view and garden view rooms. Moreover, when we researched, we found that all major Bali’s attractions are located near to the hotel location. Especially, the Kuta beach is just a few minutes walking. Both of us got extremely impatient to reach Bali quickly and enjoy everything with our own eyes.

The Visa

Getting an Indonesian Visa was absolutely easy for us. Citizens of 169 countries are offered visa-free entry to Bali by the Indonesian government and we definitely belong to one of the countries. We only need a passport having six months’ validity, and we had that ready. Now it was time to move ahead and do some basic shopping. Bali has a tropic type of climate, therefore, we purchased several loose and stylish cotton clothes, shorts, T-shirts, and beachwear. We both thanked for unlimited times as it helped us getting together to make our travel dream come true.


The final day arrived, and we boarded the Malindo Airlines flight for our backpacking destination Bali. After enjoying a luxurious flight, we landed finally at the amazing Denpasar International Airport Bali. The immigration was cleared quickly, and we were out soon. We found all over nice and friendly people ready for help. From the airport, we purchased a prepaid SIM card with unlimited data as that was something we always need during our travel. We want our experience to go live in social media, connecting with Twitter, Instagram, etc. We have seen amazing and incredible travel pictures and experiences shared on the Instagram page of We definitely want our names and pictures to go next out there and share with the world about the incredible travel experience that we were about to enjoy for the next few days.

Adi Dharma palace hotel arranged a driver for our pickup. We received a warm welcome from a local Balinese gentleman who was waiting outside the airport to receive us. We boarded the car and drove along the Bali roads. During our travel, we both were reading various interesting things about Balinese cultural heritage and places to visit, interesting things to do in Bali. Our driver was also sharing information and travel stories about other fellow travelers. I also posted nice clicks on the Instagram page of ElasticTrip posting about our landing experience at Bali. When we reached the hotel, it was almost evening and we decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the evening. Adi Dharma Palace Hotel organized a musical night that day and we had a grand night where we danced unlimited and enjoyed. My buddy and I clicked snaps for each other, and we exchanged our incredible pictures. We posted those on all our social media platforms, tagging our friends making them feel envy. This was only possible because of that connected us together.

Experience the Paradise

The next day morning we woke up early and took the free-swimming pool access as a welcome voucher given to us by Adi Dharma Palace. Later we enjoyed a gorgeous buffet breakfast with various local and international cuisines. Our driver was waiting right outside at the hotel parking and thanks to Adi Dharma Palace travel desk for their exceptional hospitality service. We boarded the car and moved on towards enjoying the fresh air at Kuta Beach. On reaching the beach, both of us were speechless looking at the white roaring sea waves. That pleasurable moment was only to experience by visiting Bali, as words can’t. That was our first day, and we decided to stay and spend a considerable amount of time in the Beach area. Later we went for the City Tour and visited Bali Museum, Bajra Sandi Monument, and 3D art museum where we clicked unlimited pictures at different poses. The 3D Art Museum is an optical illusion museum for incredible photography, and you need a partner to take your photo. We both clicked each other incredible and funny pictures and posted them on social media. If our connection would not have happened through Elastic Trip, we would have missed out on experiencing this incredibly fun. Later at night, we enjoyed a gala seafood dinner at the Jimbaran Bay.

Over the next few days, we set out to explore Bali’s most important temples and other beautiful places. We visited Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, and Besakih Temple. We also visited the Kintamani Volcano, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Jatiluwih Rice Terrace for some extraordinary photography and memorable experience. Enjoying the sunset at the Tanah Lot Temple and watching the Kecak fire dance are the two notable experiences we had. We also went to Nusa Dua and enjoyed the stunning Flying Fish adventure water sports ride along with other rides. We enjoyed white water rafting and took incredible pictures of our experience. We also tasted the Luwak Coffee, a unique coffee produced at Bali from the animal Poop of Civet. I got some cute pictures of Niki sipping a cup of hot brewing Luwak Coffee posted at the Instagram page of Elastic Trip.

This is the Beginning

Our Bali backpacking was just a begging as after that traveling had been never a challenge for me. Whenever I had free time, I found my buddy at Elastic Trip with similar travel needs and spend exciting time traveling together. This was really an unforgettable Bali Backpacking with my new travel Buddy. With the help of ElasticTrip services, traveling is now my passion and I am able to make my dream to travel and see the world come true.