10 Amazing Bridal Design That You Should Not Miss out

We won’t start this with the same old quotes, “Women live just for this day”, Hello, this isn’t the truth! We live every single day and wait to live every single day in the future!

But, can we deny the fact that the charisma of this event doesn’t drag us towards it? We guess it would be No! Hence, we can celebrate your D-day, with a little glamour, right? Let us help you with every little detail, involved in making your day special! Don’t be anxious, stay calm, and plan!

What Are The Basics Of Bridal Fashion?

Basically, in India, an individual is complete only with the life partner. Marriage is a heavenly relationship that cannot be broken. Couples are meant to be together forever. To make your day a fairy tale, we have tried to explain some of the most important aspects of an Indian Wedding.

Here, we will mention some bridal fashion basics that you should consider for your wedding. India is a Secular country, so we have different types of weddings. Christian weddings, Muslim weddings, and Hindu weddings mainly, but apart from that, different states have different and rituals which makes India so diverse. Therefore keeping in mind the majority, we will mention the bridal basics.

  • Everything looks so glittery in Indian weddings
  • Red is said to be the color that brings good omen.
  • Mehendi designs on hand are considered auspicious.
  • Brides generally go for the red colored saree or lehenga depending on the region.
  • For Hindu weddings, tilak, sangeet, haldi, baraat, and shadi is the sequence in which a wedding completes.
  • On Christian weddings, brides opt for gowns or sarees, and the groom wears a tux and the ceremony takes place in a church.
  • In the Muslim weddings, the ceremonies are similar to Hindus except, muslim weddings do not involve any rituals.

Designer Bridal Lehenga- You Cannot Miss

Are you tired of selecting thousands of lehengas each day and rejecting each one because you don’t have enough time to research the latest trends?

Weddings are meant to be special, so do your lehenga! Hence, we are here to help you pick the latest bridal design in lehengas.

Designer Bridal Lehenga

Depending On The Cost

Typically a designer bridal lehenga starts around 3 lakhs, depending on the fabric and the design and also the designer. We have sorted the top 3 wedding lehenga designers in India to help you choose the perfect piece for your extraordinary day.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

If it’s a wedding, it will be Sabyasachi! The color, the fabric, the embroidery, the jewelry, etc. You can feel heaven on earth! It’s costly, but girl, you, worth it!

Manish Malhotra

The next best in our list, the Manish Malhotra. He is one of the best designers in India. The touch of colors and the mix n match, in his designs, will surely blow your mind!

Anita Dongre

The basic wedding colors like pinks and reds can even look ravishing in her designs. You surely gotta try her designs!

Online Stores To Buy Designer Bridal Lehengas

There are various online stores to try, we have sorted a few options for you.

  • Manyavar
  • Anita Dongre
  • Ritu Kumar
  • Aza Fashion
  • Utsav Fashion
  • Aishwarya

These stores have high-end lehengas, you can check out!

Bridal Mehendi Design- To Get That Shadi Vibe

Mehendi designs on hands, body, and feet are a significant facet of body decoration from a very ancient time, besides it is considered a good omen. A wedding is no less a wedding without Mehendi, however, why not include the conventional wedding rituals just to heighten the craze?

Have you considered a hand, full of Mehendi, and ah, the smell! Geometric Mehndi designs, royal Mehendi designs, cute designs, and so many customized designs are in trend right now! You can go heavy on this artwork or keep it simple! Also, don’t forget about your feet, they should not feel left out, because it’s your day, and you own the day!

Bridal Mehendi Design

Bridal Blouse Designs- To Help You Stay Trendy

Hello, bride-to-be! Yeeee, excited! Are you confused about your blouse design? Let us help you here. There are thousands of designs for you to choose from, but not every design is trending, right? Hence, we have picked 5 designs that are in a trend right now, just for you. Check them out below.

1. Buttoned Up Blouse Design For The Heavy Embroidery

This blouse will be ideal if you have a heavily embroidered blouse. It will have a buttoned back, extended to the top of the blouse. Suitable for brides, wearing lehengas. Floral hair designs will be ideal to show off your amazingly embroidered blouse. Also, if you are a shy kid, it’s a win-win!

bridal blouse design

2. Pleated Bell Sleeves Designer Blouse For Reception

For that minimal bride, a pleated bell sleeve will take away all the attention! Try to go simple on your look, because the bell sleeves should not lose focus, it is your hero!

3. Floral Designer Embroidery In Pastel Shades For Spring Brides

If it’s spring, it will be pastel! A beautiful pastel-colored blouse with floral embroidery can make you look like a fresh blooming flower amidst your floral design themed wedding.

Floral Designer Embroidery In Pastel Shades For Spring Brides

4. Classic Elbow Length For Traditional Brides

We did not want to leave the traditional design behind amidst all other trendy designs because we consider this design is an emotion. It can pair up with anything depending on the embroidery work.

5. Go Strapless, You Fearless!

For those fearless brides, who love to experiment and will love doing it even on their wedding, we recommend a strapless design. It’s trendy, chic, simple, and yet elegant!

Apart from these, you can try the backless,
shoulderless, net blouse designs, round neck, V-neck and many other designs to choose from. It’s your D-day, do whatever pleases you!

There is no hard and fast rule for a wedding fashion or bridal design, it’s your day, you are the “master of your sea”, claim your throne, AMPHITRITE!