All You Need to Know About Allscripts EMR

About Allscripts EMR

Allscripts is a software developer with over 30 years of experience in helping clinics digitize their record management. The software believes in challenging existing norms in software development for practices and aims to help physicians provide the best care for patients.

It is vital that doctors and staff at practices know they can trust their EMR provider and that the software will ultimately help make things easier and improve the workflow of the clinic. The Allscripts EMR has decades of experience to make it a sound partner for clinics. 

For the three decades Allscripts has been working with practices, it has been tweaking the software to create one that is informed of the past and prepared for the future. 

Features of Allscripts EMR

Allscripts prides itself on creating electronic medical record management software that works with the ecosystem of a modern clinic and can adapt to any kind of practice – whether a small physician clinic or a large hospital system that needs different solutions. 

In terms of EMR, Allscripts has two products that provide different services to differing settings. A description of both can be found next. 


Sunrise is a product offered under Allscripts EMR and aims to tackle some of the major issues faced by practices in the modern world. Its core idea is the provision of quality information to doctors and medical professionals so they can make informed decisions as they navigate the world of patient care. 

Features of Sunrise 

The Acute Care feature of Sunrise allows physicians and practitioners to provide the best possible care when they have tools to guide their decision-making, such as a computerized order entry system, doctor note documentation, and the ability to view patient visit summaries.

On the other hand, the Ambulatory Care tool allows you to manage patient records at all stages of care for the patient. This includes information about referral visits, appointment schedules, managing ongoing orders, medication lists, and patient documents – with a user-friendly system that works in both inpatient and outpatient contexts. 

The Pharmacy tool allows you to access a system with all the information that you may need to assist the hospital’s pharmacist as they manage the dispensation of medications. With this tool, you can simplify the process while still maintaining standards of safety and quality, without having to compromise on workflow efficiency. 

Adding to this, the clinical performance management tool allows practices to extract important data from their clinical information and use it in actionable ways without the hassle of manual editing and combing. Using a number of features that allow you to make effective reports and graphically represent data, you can cut down on costs and improve outcomes. 

With the dashboards, you can see a visualization of all available data that you need to manage, including high-priority information. Allscripts Sunrise is also available as a mobile application, through which providers can carry out various actions remotely. The information is synced automatically so all information is unanimous across the clinic. 


BOSSnet is another product that is part of the Allscripts EMR. The software has experience providing solutions to over a hundred hospitals in Australia. This tool allows medical practices to embody the idea that they deserve to have access to the entire patient journey, which can be documented and utilized to improve patient outcomes for the future. 


Using BOSSNet, you can shift entirely from a paper-based office working situation towards a digital and modernized solution that comprehensively enables you to ditch the paper so you can see a boost in your performance – whether for clinical, administrative, or financial terms. 

With plans that include three stages to adapt better to different kinds of practices and their unique requirements that make them stand out, BOSSnet is the first step towards updating your medical practice and entering the modern world of healthcare management. 

You can completely scan and digitize any paper-based patient records through a tool that allows the uploading of documents, management of data, and a comprehensive review of clinical findings. This is an IT solution that is perfect for any practice looking to make patient records uniform yet have the ability to track a single record through the entire system. 

Allscripts Pricing and Demo

Allscripts EMR can be purchased by receiving a quote from the vendor. A customized quote will be created when you reach out to the vendor for details, depending on what kind of services you need and what your practice is structured like. A free trial is not available, however, you can request a demo to see how the software performs in real-time. 



In conclusion, Allscripts EMR is a useful tool with lots of experience in providing EMR solutions to practices. For more information, you can check out Allscripts reviews, demos, and compare them to the features you need from your ideal EMR.