AI in HR to Transform the Job Role of HR Individuals

AI and the related disruptive tech, such as deep learning, machine learning, and data analytics, combined together, have completely transformed the way, hr works these days as a business function, across industries. The world has been looking for the ‘next big thing’ in the hr sector for quite some time, and the wait got over with the introduction of hr tech, a few years ago. And the biggest two disruptive technologies that have emerged with the advent of hr tech in AI, have been – AI, and automation.

Artificial intelligence, as a disruptive tech, has not just transformed the hr sector in the recent past, but a plethora of other industries, too. From chatbots-led customer assistance to the inception of self-driving cars, AI has been at the forefront across diverse business sectors, worldwide. Science fiction, as a movie genre, is fast converting into reality, powered by AI innovations.

Especially, AI as a disruptive tech is benefitting hugely, the trade and commerce activities globally, and also, the corporate world.

Global Surveys Indicating Domination of Disruptive Tech on Future Jobs

As per a 2018 report published by the World Economic Forum with the title ‘The Future of Jobs 2018’, machines will take over 42% of the jobs currently been executed on, by the humans. Technology, therefore, will dominate the future of jobs, as machines and humans will work in tandem with each other. The said report concluded that more and more jobs will go tech-centric, as we move ahead into the future.

How is AI Transforming Talent Management & Recruitment?

In the case of hr, the jobs have evolved significantly over the past few years, especially for global hr leaders, who have been heading their respective firms in a traditional way, since eternity. The best hr leaders at the top organizations can benefit the most from the advanced tech that is prevailing in the hr domain, these days. In the past, while recruiting new talent, hr managers had to go through much physical and administrative work, such as compiling physical data, going through piles of candidates’ documents, and conducting many rounds of one-to-one interviews.

Now, with the availability of AI-powered hr tools, recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, can streamline the process to a large extent, using the new age hr tech. Further, when coupled with automation and big data, hiring managers can simply find the best-suited candidates online, using the hr software tools, and can invite the selected few, based on the skill & experience needs, to the personal interviews.

AI is Assisting CHROs Develop Personalized Training Programs

A crucial aspect of an hr manager’s job profile is to create learning and development programs for their staff. It is one of those job responsibilities concerning hr, wherein the role of Chief Learning Officer comes into play. Hr leaders need to work in tandem with CLOs to produce personalized training programs for employees across divisions within their organization.

AI, in this regard, assists them in automating the development of training programs, personalized to each employee’s goals, aspirations, and learning methodologies. This, eventually, leads to the betterment of employees’ learning journeys, which, in turn, help the organization, prepare its employees for further learning in much-advanced tech & concepts. Examples of such super-advanced tech would comprise blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), AR(augmented reality), & VR(virtual reality). Further, the attrition rate can be lessened, and more engagement can be expected from the workforce.

Brief Conclusion

The benefits of AI deployment in the functioning of hr are quite evident, and the said disruptive tech is all set to make talent management and recruiting, a much more efficient and effective process. With the current rate at which hr transformation is taking place, powered by AI software tools, it seems like, up-gradation of skills will soon become a necessity, which, currently is seen as ‘value-addition’ to an hr individual’s resume. And hence, enrolling in industry-relevant hr certifications becomes critical, as the future of work in the hr domain, will involve heavy usage of AI & Automation based hr tools.