A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Learning

The largest chunk of the missing puzzle of AI learning involves machine learning. This is a process where machines learn how a human mind works, what it wants, and how it could help humans more. Without deep learning, driverless cars would not have been invented in the first place. With the help of deep learning, a machine can detect if someone is crossing their paths; if there is a red sign or not. The power of human perception is now reduced to codes. This means that given a set of parameters and considerations if a human reacts in a particular way, the machine learns it and imitates it in the future. 

What is the impact of deep learning? 

A major impact of deep learning is through voice recognition system we see on our Google’s voice assistant nowadays. Voice recognition can also understand how you speak, the way you pronounce particular words, and the tenor of your voice. Needless to say, there is an entire world of possibilities left to be done. 

Why is deep learning essential?

The reason why Deep learning is essential because it lets us interact with our daily gadgets in a much better way. Everything is becoming easier to do with the help of deep learning. Deep learning is so good that under certain circumstances, it has proven to be better than human beings. Deep learning for machines is becoming crucial to maintain the safety protocols for driverless cars too! 

What does Deep learning require? 

There are primarily two things that Deep learning requires. One is a huge amount of data that will be read and learned by computers. To be able to learn, it is necessary to formulate an opinion as to what is the human protocol or reaction under a given situation. 

The second one is high processing GPUs, which can function with a parallel architecture that is required for smooth AI learning. Powerful GPUs in conglomeration with cloud computing enables developers to reduce the time required for machine learning to hours and minutes instead of months and years.

In what ways can deep learning be utilized? 

With deep learning, we can achieve a lot of things that may go unnoticed by many. 

  • We are now able to move about in a car without any driver whatsoever. This is something that could not have been imagined a few decades ago. 
  • Deep learning helps in identifying safe areas for defense purposes so that troops can be deployed in particular areas leaving out others. 
  • Cancer cells are now automatically detected by deep learning machines. And the identification of cancer cells accurately is slowly becoming a world-class change in the history of medical science. 
  • Deep learning is now deeply relied upon in heavy industries with large machines and strong hanging metal bars. Without artificial intelligence working all the time, it would have been impossible to detect problems and defects in the heavy machinery. The workers and their lives in such factories are heavily replying to deep learning. The safety of these workers and their supervisors are accurately taken care of. 
  • Today we see the machine or deep learning daily. Our laptops and mobile phone devices are the greatest examples of it. Nowadays we have home assistant devices which enable us to control the room’s temperature, lighting, songs, etc. Deep learning is always learning new ways to help us from the various information we put through it. 

We need to remember that deep learning is not exactly similar to machine learning. Deep learning is practically an advanced form of machine learning which involves end to end learning. Deep learning takes in raw data, extracts the information, classifies them in clear identical groups, and takes action.