A Beginner Guide to Swimming with Dolphins


Tourist activities offer a variety of entertainments to visitors. One such entertainment is swimming with dolphins. It has always been fascinating to hear and watch swimming with these marine mammals. But what impact do these activities have on the mammals and us? Should these activities be regulated around the globe? The swimming looks fun, but it is not easy. Without a good guide, this activity can prove chaotic. You need to give this article a read before jumping into the pool of dolphins for the first time.

What to expect?

Swimming with dolphins is an interesting experience. Most people would wonder what experiences can they have once they dive into the pool of dolphins. Swimming with these marine mammals can both be a fun and learning activity. Holding on to their fin while they float you around the water can be amusing. These mammals give you rubs, kisses and push you on your back once you are with them. You can also learn the behavior and physiology of dolphins when you play with them.

Checklist of things to do:

What would you do when you are in the pool with dolphins? Since the experience is new for you, you better follow the steps discussed in the coming lines. These steps will act as a guide for you to have a great time with dolphins.

1. Stick to the guide:

As a beginner, you need to stick to your tour guide in the water. You need to listen to him and learn what he is telling and doing. These professionals know the habits and physiology of these marine mammals. Being with them can calm your nerves and help you enjoy the party. Listen to them and enjoy the great opportunity of swimming with dolphins Dubai.

2. Don’t put your health at risk:

Take care of your health if you are swimming for the first time because health matters the most. You can’t afford any injuries while in the middle of a pool with dolphins. Try to be as much cautious as possible to stay safe and sound. The more you stay safe and sound, the more fantastic your experience will be.

3. Don’t take unnecessary stuff with you:

Since dolphins have very sensitive skin, you only need to take the necessary stuff with you. Avoid wearing any jewelry, perfumes, oil and other lotions. Only wear the swimming jacket and other necessary stuff which the guide advises you to take with you. Moreover, watches or other electronic devices should be left out of the pool. Doing so will ensure the safety of both you and the dolphins.

4. Life jacket is necessary:

Swimming with dolphins is fun, but only when you are doing it right. The expert guide will ask you to wear a life jacket before humping into the water. These life jackets are important for your safety. You can only enjoy swimming if you are feeling safe among these dolphins. The Delphinus provide life jackets, and you don’t have to worry about taking one with you.

5. You can’t swim? Don’t worry:

Most people can’t swim, but they have the desire to swim with dolphins. Well, it is not a thing to worry about. You don’t need to be a good swimmer if you are going swimming with dolphins Dubai. Dolphin habitats always have safe platforms where the swimmers can stand and live the moment. Stand on these platforms, and you would still interact and play with the dolphins. The only takeaway is that you need to wear a life vest according to your size and weight.

6. No cameras allowed:

A sad thing, but the Delphinus don’t allow cameras and mobile phones to take pictures. You better avoid taking cameras into the water because this is a prohibited act. According to the policies of Delphinus, water cameras and mobile phones are not allowed. Better avoid it.

7. No need to afraid:

Some dolphins can be as big as whales, but you don’t need to be afraid. These marine mammals are lovely and kind animals who like the human touch. They love swimming next to humans and will show their love through kisses and hugs. They can also give you a ride when you ask them.

Enjoy the lovely experience:

Swimming with dolphins could be the loveliest experience of one’s life. It is as fascinating and joyous as it sounds. Although these animals are big, there is no need to be afraid of them. They love to be on your side and are eager to kiss and hug you. Live the experience of swimming and interacting with them. There are professional photographers at every Delphinus who would shoot the moments for you. But you are not allowed to take your cameras or phones with you. For more about swimming with Dolphins in Dubai please visit here.