8 Common Mistakes During a Regular AC Maintenance

The winter season in Australia is relatively mild unlike the rest of the northern continents. You can expect seasonal highs and lows, which is why heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services are an all-year-round necessity. Whilst the use of window treatments (blinds, curtains, drapes etc.) may be advantageous in the months of spring and summer, air conditioning systems are still considered a home staple when it comes to keeping the temperature comfortable in hot weather. 


As an essential home device, it is important to keep your AC in tip-top shape. Whilst hiring a professional technician is strongly advised, getting yourself involved in regular maintenance servicing is still crucial for some technicians may tend to make mistakes sometimes. To avoid certain issues due to technical failures, here’s your guide on how to spot the common missteps of inexperienced technicians.     

Failure to Examine the Entire House

An inexperienced technician will likely skip on inspecting all the areas connected to your air conditioning system. Instead, they will focus on the individual components of the device without thinking that something else could be causing the main problem. 


If you think your technician is missing out on a few joint parts of the house, have them look around before they begin working on the unit. Your house works as a system; hence, it is important to assess not only the unit but also a few interrelated factors including the size of your house, insulation, plugin, and potential leakage.

Inappropriate Sizing  

During the initial AC installation, a technician will have an estimate of the unit size that will best fit your space. The problem with some unlicensed technicians is that they rely too much on the standard sizing rules. That is a major false move. Every space at home may have unique features, which is why sizing rules may not always work. Technicians should be precise when it comes to estimating the unit size by matching it with the exact amount of space in your home including the windows, ceilings, floors, and walls.  

Wrong Positioning

Inexperienced technicians will let you decide on wherever you want to place your AC unit, without considering the problems that improper positioning may incur in the future. Make sure you are working with someone who knows how to guide you in finding the right unit placement before you proceed with the installation method. 

Improper Insulation

Some technicians are skipping the foam insulation process for window ACs as it can be a very laborious task. But, providing poor insulation in the area can greatly affect the cooling efficiency of your air conditioning unit. 

Not Paying Attention to Air Circulation

By focusing on the bigger picture, some technicians fail to check other crucial factors such as ventilation and air circulation. A reputable AC contractor knows the importance of balancing the positive and negative air pressure to ensure the circulation of the air. 

Giving the Wrong Advice

You can’t always trust a non-reputable technician for saying that your AC does not need some replacement when it does. Sometimes, it is their tricky way to get more paid service jobs from repeatedly fixing your unit.      

Doing a Quick Fix

Putting a band-aid on something that needs some serious stitching won’t fix anything. To some technicians, doing a quick fix is a lazy way of repairing a not-so-major problem. More often than not, trying to give a quick fix on your broken AC can lead to more complex hidden issues. 

Ignoring Air Filter Replacement

Clearing the air filters instead of replacing them when necessary will not cure the problem. Due to the regular accumulation of dust and grime, air filters are susceptible to breakage over time. The AC contractor is making sure that air filters are replaced after two months of usage. 


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