7 Lip-Smacking Cakes To Ring In The New Year

With New Year fast approaching many people are juggling between their memories to keep the one that is beautiful and learn from the one that messed up. New Year is a lovely time to rejoice and celebrate a year of beautiful memories and to look forward to a more rewarding year ahead. With every 1st January comes a set of goals, resolutions, ideas and enthusiasm that drive us to a better future. New Year’s Eve calls for celebration and togetherness. On this occasion, people come together with their families and cheers to another successful year of beautiful and successful relationships and bonding. There are different traditions and rituals that follow this occasion. Each custom is as beautiful as the other with its own uniqueness and beauty.

Talking about celebrations, no celebration or occasion is complete without a delicious mouth-watering cake. The cake is an integral part of the New Year celebration, while the family and friends come together they usually find the way to celebrate this occasion of togetherness, this is where the cake comes in place. A delicious New Year cake has all the right ingredients to make a dull evening and an amazing one. Just like a birthday cake has now become an inevitable part of the New Year celebration.

Thinking of which cake to buy? This can be a quite tricky question as you have to keep in mind the preferred flavours of all the people present at your party. Let us elaborate about a few lip-smacking cakes that are Universal favourites and would be highly appreciated by everyone present at your New Year event.


Black Chocolate Cake

No one can say no to a chocolate cake dripping with the delicious flavours. The chocolate cake is a universal favourite because of which it tops our list. This is a flavour that can be teamed up with other flavours and enhance their taste as well. Apart from its tastes and popularity, chocolate is among the healthiest cakes out there, and it is rich in nutritional value as well.  Emerging from the trees of a cocoa tree, the chocolate flavour is rich in antioxidants and in manganese.


Red Velvet Cake

The most attractive and lovable colourful experience, this cake is royal in its own ways. The rich and vibrant colour of this cake makes it pop up among all others and makes it stand out. The rich, velvety texture gives it a creamy texture and mouth-melting flavour.


Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest is the safest cake to opt for while organising an evening. It is a mixture of vanilla and chocolate that is neither too sweet nor too basic. The multiple layers of spongy chocolate cake topped with whipped cream can do wonders when paired up together. The cream just melts in your mouth and reveals the delicious chocolate bread inside.


Coffee Cake:

Most of the coffee fanatics may agree that a coffee cake with all its uniqueness and glory is the best cake ever. A coffee cake is an unmatched union of coffee-flavoured whipped cream and soft cake bread.


Yellow Mango Cake

A pulpy and juicy mango is irresistibly tasty, more so when it’s flavour is paired up in the form of a cake. Mango cake combines the rich taste of mango and soft cake bread that is incredibly best for people that are in love with Mangoes. So if you have a family that drools over this fruit, a mango cake is the best option to go for.


Butter Scotch Cake

Apart from the Black Forest one, this is another safest option to go for. The buttery cream and the burnt brown sugar will make you want more with every bite. This cake is mostly topped with crunchy caramel balls that can taste heavenly.


Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

The next and last in our countdown is the Rainbow Sprinkle cake. This cake stands out with seven vibrant natural colours of the rainbow. The cake is as delicious as it is beautiful. Usually, it is not single flavoured and can be personalised in terms of your favourite one.




But what if you do not have the time or resources to visit your local bakery to buy a cake? Now you can simply order the mouth-watering online christmas cake through various online bakeries. A cake is the heart of every New Year Party and believes us when we say that you can’t miss out on one during your celebrations. Even if you don’t have anyone around you, you can always celebrate with yourself, reminding you of how special and loved you are. You know when they say that no love is more significant than self-love. So let your party shine with that lip-smacking heavenly cake, make everyone around you feel special and loved this New Year.