6 Ways to Increase Lead Generation for Your Legal Practice


For legal practices, lead generation may be an exhausting concept and undertaking. It may even be something that is not as easily understood. Just the same, it is essential for any legal practice to focus on a lead generation because it directly impacts their legal business, contributing to its financial status and success. Fortunately, employing suitable strategies and techniques with reputable legal SEO companies can make lead generation a rewarding process that brings a consistent stream of quality leads. 

A lead refers to a person that shows interest in a product or service. This interest is demonstrated in various ways, such as filling up a contact information form, following the business on social media, and much more. Most of the time, the lead connects with the company. Although a legal firm can start communicating with a potential client initially, it is not usually effective. It is still best to attract leads through well-planned strategies. The generated leads are highly likely to be interested in what the legal firm has to offer.

 For a legal practice to succeed in capturing the attention of potential clients, it is necessary to develop strategies for quality lead generation that attract users to the business website. The objective is converting visitors to clients through engaging and compelling content. While this process may seem complicated and require time and effort, a legal practice needs to consistently be on the lookout for new clientele for the business to grow and succeed.

Benefits of lead generation for a legal practice

·         Business growth. A legal practice that does not have leads cannot grow. It is true that referrals come in handy and are helpful in the success of the business. Still, these referrals are not sufficient for the legal practice to flourish. It has to have a well-thought-of strategy of attracting and converting potential clients, which lead generation can do.

·         Correctly targets the preferred audience. Lead generation marketing can effectively target preferred customers based upon some factors such as their demographic location. This narrows down the company’s potential targeted clients, making it easier to identify customers and convert them to leads. 

·         Increases awareness of the legal practice. Through lead generation, the targeted audience is provided with accurate information about the services offered by the company. Without this awareness, potential clients do not know anything about the company. Thus, it is also essential to include detailed contact information of the legal practice in its content for potential clients to connect with them.

Six ways to increase lead generation for a legal practice

1.       Create a strong professional legal practice website. There is nothing more important than a professional legal practice website to generate leads and increase conversions. The legal firm’s website sets the stage for what the business is all about, establishes its brand, offers detailed information about its services, and persuades potential clients to choose them over the competition. There are several ways to do this with the help of legal SEO companies. First, the company’s web design should be done by professionals. It is also essential that the site is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, search engines, and users. It must have high-quality content from text to photos and videos. Written content must center around the client and showcase how they can benefit from the company’s services. It should also include the bio of lawyers in the firm so clients can familiarize themselves with the people in the firm. Additionally, call-to-action buttons should be included on the site.

2.       Take advantage of social media. Social media offers businesses an opportunity to sell their products or services, establish good relationships with potential clients, and directly communicate with them. A legal practice may opt for paid advertising that appears on social media user feeds or organic ads posted on the company’s page. Content shared on social media platforms must be interesting to users and keep them engaged. It also helps to utilize videos and images that are visually appealing as they have proven to be more engaging for users than written content. Content must also have links directing users to a landing page designed for the firm’s marketing campaign to generate more leads. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are some of the more popular platforms used for legal practices.

3.       Use content marketing. One of the most effective tools to generate leads is content marketing. Not only is it helpful in generating leads, but it also boosts the firm’s ranking on search engines. The company’s content marketing efforts may include blogs, videos, newsletters, webinars, infographics, and other forms of content that attract and engage leads. When potential clients find the site’s content useful and relevant, they start to recognize the legal practice is credible and trustworthy.  The accuracy of the information provided, together with the professionally developed videos and high-resolution images, reflect the kind of service they can expect from the legal practice. Thus, it is vital that the website’s content is thoughtfully done and keeps potential clients glued.

4.       Use email marketing. While email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, it is still an effective method of generating leads. It is an easier way to reach a targeted audience and convert them to leads. The strategy involves developing a subscriber list through sign-up forms found on the legal practice website.  A word of caution, though. It is not recommended to buy email lists as most of the people there are not interested in the company’s services and are a waste of money and effort. After building up the list, the firm can begin the process of sending out information to subscribers, from its services to links to their site’s content.

5.       Offer webinars. Webinars offer a legal practice the chance to build up leads. For people to attend the webinar, their contact information is submitted during registration. The company must create a unique and relevant topic to gain the interest of their targeted audience. Having authority presenters is also helpful in piquing the interest of potential clients, as well as the effective promotion of the event.

A legal practice can generate more leads with the help of professional legal SEO companies. Working together, the appropriate strategies can be developed for the best interest of the company.