6 Simple Ways of Making the Home Interior Look Expensive

Would you like to give your home that affluent look but lack the resources to decorate like some millionaire? The following tips will make it appear like you used more funds in the purchase than you actually did. In case you are not planning to spend a lot of money to furnish your home, there are ways of making your home look luxurious. Close to your kitchen, living rooms are the most crucial in the house.

1.    A spray of gold paint

In case you desire to add some glamour to your home interior but not comfortable with a huge budget, the ideal tool you are looking for is a spray of gold paint. One coat may take the little accessories such as vases, frames, and trays to beautiful from bland. And in case you desire something which is more crucial, you could paint the shelving unit, leather sofa, curtains of the frame of the mirror. Gold shows inherent luxury and including touches in the whole home puts in some sense of luxury in ways that, match nothing else.

2.    Crown molding

Crown molding closes the space between the ceiling and the wall, including the finish look that is both elegant and traditional. Same as most details of architecture, crown molding is featured in homes of upscale. In spite of this concept, crown molding can be done for very little cost. Always put in mind that styles that are highly decorative work perfectly in bigger rooms, while the smaller rooms would go well with styles that are simple.

3.    Styled vignettes

Even those homes that are very humble appear more elegant when amenities are creatively placed instead of being strewn casually. The places that you should focus on are the bookshelves, mantels, recliner, and console tables. In mantels, bring forth the symmetry by coming up with a display that is well balanced. In the case of bookshelves, stack the books vertically and horizontally, layer in different accessories and come up with the vignettes which are amazing to look upon.

4.    Enormous scale art

The big scale of art creates a huge effect, and due to this, may seem like you used much money. The huge and abstract paintings which occupy across the back of the leather sofa, recliner or bed and up to the ceiling to capture your attention and loom across the room in a nice way. With the overscale artwork, huge geometric and patterns that are floral have a habit of looking better than the scenes that are pictorial, however, in the long run, you will have to choose whatever suits your looks and tastes in the interior of your home.

5.    Trim the nail heads

Application of trim on the furniture nail heads is simple, the way of DIY quickly gives that affluent high-end look. In the past, the trim on nail heads was considered for only the pieces that were upholstered, giving them a look that is tailored, however, recently individuals are using it in other ways. For instance, the most common application is to acquire some trim and utilize it on a piece like drawers’ chest or the side table. You can use it at any preferred pattern, whether it is an intricate pattern or a border that is simple. In regards to the quality and complexity of a piece, you could either utilize the adhesive strips and traditional hacks. You could as well apply the nail head trim around doors, windows plus even runners and area rugs.

6.    Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a kind of paneling wood which is put on the wall’s bottom half. A while ago, it was utilized in adding additional wall insulation, however, currently, it is utilized purely for decorative reasons. Mostly it features molding pieces which are put together in rectangular or square shapes under the rail of the chair.

Wainscoting which is traditional is costly to put in place; but, there exists a trick in DIY which is not only affordable but also easy. Just put in order the chair rail pieces on a wall in rectangular and square models and put it in place by use of the finishing nails. You receive a similar elegant appearance at a much lower price. Also put in mind that for the most elegant and sophisticated look, paint this molding with a similar color to the walls.


An interesting tip about decorating your house to look expensive is using the bookshelf not just for books but also amazing frames and vases. Ensure to keep the house clean. Though some of the ways like wainscoting and hanging art could be regarded as traditional, they give that affluent look. The above ways will not only show an expensive taste but will also offer a class. Directing water away from your home is essential. You do not want to allow water to gather around the foundation because water can expand the soil around the foundation, which can be a significant cause of foundation failure. An Interior drainage system is the permanent solution for a wet basement.