5 Ways To Discover Different Scrapbooking Styles

Scrapbooking is an excellent way to show yourself freely, preserve your memories, and create amazing memorabilia albums that can be shared with someone. As such, you start with a blank canvas and can fill it with anything you want to achieve the desired scrapbook design and result.



If you’re new to this crafting, you can surely ask yourself where to find scrapbooking Infos? When making scrapbooks, knowing your own style is crucial — strive to align your time, finances, and creative imaginations. Moreover, define your personal preferences to begin scrapbooking, have more ideas to stay focused on your scrapbook layouts goal, and have a consistent artistic style.


So, how can you find perfect scrapbook styles and sizes that can make your project an engaging one? Let’s dive into these ways you can use.

1.  Classical Scrapbook Styles

Are you one of those who’d like to make a scrapbook by a classic style but don’t know how to start? Like other classical types, classical scrapbooking strives for a clean and simple look and uses traditional styling cues like paper, structured photo frames and templates, minimum decorations, minimal stickers, and much more use black and white colors instead of colored inks.


A scrapbook’s elegant page made in a vintage style is a masterpiece and a great idea to create family albums or memories and photos from your past.

2.  Magazine

Magazines are a wonderful way to look at various scrapbooking types. But take this as a note: use the templates in magazines as a reference, but don’t think about copying them exactly. In magazines, you’ll see an incredible example of a particular theme.


You can also make a scrapbooking magazine, in which, bind together with the pages, compile all your photos, make some decorations and put colorful styles.

3.  Think of Photo Album Designs

Another way to find a style in making scrapbooks is through photos of the album; exactly, it’s a wrap! As one of the scrapbookers, if you’re thinking of using this typical scrapbook style, check the four categories below aside from using fastener, ribbon, or any binding types and know how to use them best.



This scrapbook style is best described as a typical hardcover book. It would be best if you tightly bound book-bound pages with a stitch and glue to pattern the elements you’ll use. Indentations in many book-bound scrapbooks cause pages to be removed to make space for larger and heavier objects on the available pages.

Post Bound

A post-bound album is a hard way to help you compile your scrapbook, as well as recommended for most. To bind the book, you can use machine screws and scrapbook page protectors to make the right pages.


If you’d like to add more page protectors to your photo album, unscrew the machine screws and prolong the posts with extenders.


This kind of photo album style is the same as post-bound that uses page protectors. Instead of using posts to keep the page protectors in place, you can use traditional three-ring notebook-style hinges.


When the book is closed, D-ring albums cause the pages to lie straight in the book. Three-ring albums provide the most versatility, whether you plan on deleting or adding pages to your folder often.


With this last photo album style, pages of strap-hinge scrapbooks have staples inserted into the corners. Plastic straps slip through the clips to tie the book’s pages together. Page protector sleeves are slipped over the pages to shield them since they are sealed into the book.

4.  Find Scrapbooking Style by Replicating

Watching what the other artists are doing and testing that out for yourself is a great way to practice and improve your design. That is, you can discover another scrapbooking style for your project. In this way, it’s also called scrap-lifting, wherein used in the crafting community to describe taking designs, practices, and strategies from other people’s layouts and applying them to your own.


So how to do it? Well, you look at other people’s designs and look for strategies or patterns that you need. The template is then duplicated with your own materials and images.

5.  Idea Journaling

This journal is a sketchbook, binder, or calendar that contains a set of layout and art designs that you can use as references for potential projects. You can speak to others regularly, ask for some style and immerse yourself in artistic culture.


You’ll grow and practice in several different crafting fields if you try one, two, or any of the concepts you have in your journal. Via these techniques, you’re sure to discover a scrapbooking style that’s as special as you are.

Continue Creating More Engaging Styles

Knowing your style is essential for putting yourself in the circle of well-experienced scrapbookers. It’s tough to get started when you don’t know where to begin or enjoy your templates when you’re stuck for inspiration the whole time—so if you’re in that situation, these ways are great ideas to start.


Scrapbooking is always a trend, so papers, embellishments, and designs can come and go. Don’t feel compelled to follow a particular layout. Take advantage of it while keeping your mind and heart open to new possibilities and styles!