5 Top Ambulatory EHR for 2021

Why You Need an EHR Software? 

EHR software is pretty much a requirement by law in most states these days. However, you are free to choose which software you employ at your practice. In this piece we will be talking about various EHR software that you can explore to see that would be better employed in your ambulatory medical practice. 


From BlueEHR software to Amazing Charts, we will tell you about several software that you can choose from and perhaps employ in your medical practice if you see fit. Hopefully, you will be able to find the right choice for your needs! 

Ambulatory Software you Need to Check out 

Greenway EHR 

The first software in our list is Greenway EHR which has a lot of great features which will ultimately serve your ambulatory practice well. The software comes with a great patient portal feature which your patients can use to manage their treatment with you. They can use this portal to schedule their own appointments, look at their billing, keep track of upcoming appointments and much more. All in all, this feature significantly reduces the load of administrative duties off of your shoulders and helps you make things easier for you. 


AllScripts EHR is the second software in our list and it has a place in our list due to the variety of wonderful features in this software. The feature in this software we would like to highlight is the dashboard feature which is incredibly easy to use. The fact that this software is so easy to use helps reduce the learning curve which is associated with any new piece of technology you might employ at work. This helps you reduce the time it would take to train yourself and your staff in becoming efficient in a new software which is of course a big advantage. 


The next software in our list is BlueEHR which is a very well known software in the EHR world. This software has a great integration feature which allows you to integrate other medical related software into the software so you can easily use all your software from one place. You can add your practice management or billing software to this and use all of them in tandem. 

The scheduling feature in BlueEHR is also top notch and enables you to schedule as many patients in a day as possible which ultimately optimizes your practice and your work day. 

Amazing Charts 

After BlueEHR we want to tell you about Amazing Charts which is an equally good EHR option. This software has a lot of features which you will enjoy using. The feature we want to talk about is the charting feature. This is a feature that Amazing Charts prides itself on as the software gives you a charting experience unlike any other. You can make as many customizations as you want and have a smooth experience that ultimately helps you reduce the time it takes to chart patient data as well. 


The final software in this list that we want to talk about is Aprima. This software has a lot of features which make it a wonderful option. The feature we want to highlight in this software is the e-prescription feature which allows you to make prescriptions virtually. The feature also warns you about any unwanted drug interactions which helps you to potentially avoid any unwanted circumstances. All in all, this software is a great option because of its convenient and easy to use features. 

Which EHR Software you Should Choose

While we cannot decide which of these software you should employ in your practice, we can perhaps help you decide how to shortlist a software that would be the right fit for you. The first thing we suggest is writing down all the features you would ideally want in an EHR software and then comparing those features to the ones in all of the software we have listed above and then perhaps figuring out which of these software would best suit what your needs in particular. 


We also suggest looking into reviews for all the EHRs above to see what current users of these software think of it. For example reading up on BlueEHR reviews will give you a good idea of whether this software is appropriate for you or not! 


And finally, we suggest asking the vendor for a demo of the software. For example, asking for a BlueEHR demo will give you a good idea of how the software is in action rather than having just read about its features online and not knowing whether they would even suit you.