5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for your Daddy on this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is making rounds in the corner and this day has surely proven to be one of the best and the perfect time for all of you to honor your life’s most important man – your Dad. Looking for a present to make this day special for him is surely a scary task for us all. This is a way of thanking them for their contributions and the energy they’ve spent in making the best of our lives.

So, tell me if you are looking forward to being at his side on this father’s day? If yes, then it seriously has gotta be a bit special for him. Isn’t it? Then pull up your pants and step forward in search of the most suitable gift for him. Think about what he would like and how he would think of the same if it was your birthday cakes or some special celebration. Keeping all of this in mind, I have come up with some pretty cool and meaningful gift ideas which you daddy is surely going to get wooed by on this father’s day.


So the hot summers are here and it is for sure that your father has to have something near him that makes him smell well. It is because of the tons of people he is going to meet the entire day. You would surely want everyone to admire your father and a bottle of perfume is the best for avoiding the stinky summers. Our fathers do not find it essential but you do realize how important it is for all of us to have a soothing fragrance around us in summers.

Plan a Surprise

If you are with him on this special day, then planning a surprise lunch or dinner is what you would need. Since it will be a Sunday, then most probably you will not need to ask him to take a day off.  You can do all this by yourself and that too by sitting at your home in comfort. Prepare some of his favorites for food and order cake online for sure. Yes, do make sure that you place your order for the most delicious cakes available near you.

Self-Tailored Gifts

Do you ever realize how important and special it is for our parents when we tell them how lucky we are to have them in our lives? If yes, then what can be better than the customized gifts available in your vicinity? The handmade gifts are one of the best surprises and certainly, your dad would love it. Get a message printed on your gift, be it a personalized t-shirt, wall clock, picture frames, whiskey glasses, etc.  Make sure you pick some of the most exciting pictures and get them printed on these items. Along with this, also write a letter to him and recite it out on this day. Tell him how blessed you are for him to be in your life, and thank him for everything that he does for you.

Beard Grooming Kit

It is one of the perfect father’s day gift ideas your father would certainly love, only if he has a beard. We all know our dads are incredibly proud of their beards and invest a great deal of time to brush them up. On this special day, you can give him a beard grooming kit which includes a beard straightening brush, beard gel, balm and oil.

Wrist Watch

Why don’t you give your dad an accessory on this important day? Your father must be a big fan of wristwatches that suits his office style. Look for the best watch that suits your father’s style, be it strap size, strap material, the shape of the dial, etc. A perfect watch that suits the personality of your father is the only accessory that he can add to his outfit.

These were some of the best father’s day gift ideas which your dad is surely going to love and get pleased with. And in case, if you are thinking of where to get the cake from, then BloomsVilla is the right place that can give you everything.