5 Things To Look For While Purchasing A Handmade Persian Rug

Finding a high-quality persian rug that matches your home or business’ existing aesthetics, as well as your own personal preferences, can always be a lot easier said than done!


Persian rugs come in all different shapes and sizes, and many of the very best will also offer a whole variety of motifs and stories that go along with the rug’s artisanal design. But the biggest thing that Persian rug shoppers should be aware of is that area rugs of this caliber will tend to slightly vary upon overall craftsmanship and materials, and these differences can be difficult to spot by the untrained eye.


That’s why we’ve come together to work with the rug industry experts at Rug Source to develop this list of 5 things that you should be on the lookout for while purchasing handmade Persian rugs, so here’s what you should keep in mind as you’re beginning your rug shopping search!



1.    Understanding What ‘Handmade’ Means


A lot of rug shoppers get confused when they’re trying to find authentically crafted, handmade area rugs, and this is mainly because there are a lot of discrepancies throughout the rug industry that can make this type of differentiation confusing. There are countless hand-tufted and machine-crafted area rugs out there that don’t have the same quality as handmade rugs, and the main distinction between handmade rugs and the rest of the industry is simple: uniqueness.


You can many times recognize a machine-made rug by its more uniform design pattern, which essentially means that it will look like it was mass-produced and flawless. Handmade rugs will undoubtedly show off their unique nature because there won’t be exact similarities throughout the rug.



2.    Dyes And Materials


Handmade Persian rugs are typically made with high-quality silks and wool, and it’ll be important for rug shoppers to recognize when they’re looking at an inferior rug made with different materials.


Colorfastness is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to a high-quality area rug’s dyes, because you’ll want to know whether or not the rug is made of the very best dyes found throughout the industry. The common test is to ask the rug dealer to run a damp cloth over the rug and then show you the cloth, because if any colors come off the rug and onto the cloth then it’s a clear sign that the rug is made very cheaply and not worth your time!



3.    Understanding KPI Value


KPI stands for knots-per-inch, and this actually plays a major role in determining the overall value of a handmade Persian rug. This is mainly because the higher the KPI, the more clarity you’ll get within the rug’s design and colors; and in the rug industry clarity is undoubtedly one of the most important features to any area rug!


One way to closely examine a rug’s KPI is to flip it over and look at the back of the rug and simply count the number knots that you see within a square inch. You can do this pretty quickly by multiplying the horizontal and vertical numbers of the square inch together.


The most valuable Persian rugs will be far above 100 KPI, and anywhere up to 1,000 KPI!



4.    Working With A Highly Reputable Rug Dealer


One of the very best things that any rug shopper can do is find a highly reputable team of industry specialists to support them in their search for their next handmade Persian rug. The rug world can really be a stressful place due to the vast amount of options you’ll have to choose from, so it never hurts to have an experienced expert helping you navigate your way towards the area rugs that will more than likely be your very best options.


A lot of rug shoppers are choosing to shop for area rugs online, and this is of course fine, but you should always make sure that you’re speaking directly with the rug dealer’s team members and having them help you as you go through their online inventory.


Being highly educated in Persian and Oriental rugs take an incredible amount of research and dedication, and good dealers will have the knowledge to let you know all of the important details about each rug that you’re interested in.


And this can go a long way in helping you better understand why certain Persian rugs may be more valuable than others!



5.    Finding The Right Size For You


Size is always a major concern no matter what type of area rug you’re shopping for, because no one wants to bring a Persian rug home only to find out that it doesn’t fit well within their desired space!


That’s why you are going to need to do your own measurements and have a thorough understanding as to how big (or small) you can go with your next rug purchase.


And this specific parameter will always help you when it comes to more efficiently narrowing down your best options!



Reach Out To The Industry Specialists To Learn More About Buying How To Shop For Your Next Persian Rug!


Persian rugs are some of the finest area rugs found anywhere in the entire world, so it’s important to get this home improvement investment decision right the first time.


Always get in touch with industry specialists when going through this type of shopping experience, and feel free to reach out to the experts at Rug Source via the link at the top of the page to learn more about Persian rugs!