5 Thanksgiving Family Road Trip Products You Need Now

Every November, when the reddish-yellow start falling from the trees; people starting preparing for Thanksgiving. They either have their own traditional ways of celebrating it, or they try new things every year to spice this holiday up a bit.

Nowadays, going on road trips to celebrate Thanksgiving has become a trend followed by every other friend’s group or family. And why not since you get to witness beautiful sceneries and places for which people should be thankful for. However, these trips can become quite hassle if you are not prepared; especially your Thanksgiving dinner. You need to keep your pie warm and your kids entertained so here is a concise list of necessities need on a Thanksgiving road trip.

Hot Cases

It is a no-no for you to eat food from restaurants or take-outs on Thanksgiving which is why you must always prepare a good turkey with either pie or any other delicacies you are aware of by yourself. But won’t they spoil after a little while? This is exactly when hot cases come in handy. Keep all your perishable goods in aluminum cases so that they stay warm even after several hours so you can enjoy them in your cars or a nearby park with your family. 

Cycles or Other Rides

Your family must have kids who love going around on either skates or tricycles so keeping them stuffed in a car must almost be torture for them. Always keep their vehicles with you in the car; retractable ones save space so you can buy them.  Take a short break near any open grounds where you can refuel your car and yourself while your kids go out and play.

Another amazing vehicle for kids nowadays is electric scooters which work on batteries and are easy to use as well cost-efficient.  You can get the best electric scooters for your kids from here. 

Coats and Blankets

Since these trips take place in November when it’s cold and windy outside; it is always best to stock up on coats and blankets for the whole group. You need to carry little luggage to be less burden which is why few neat clothes suffice if you have the right jackets and blankets to protect you from the winters instead of wear layers of T-shirts.

Since you will be reusing them over and over again; make sure to keep them dusted and dry. Washing heavy, warm clothes in winters can be quite troubling.


You cannot possibly go on a road trip without proper hydration so buy sealed bottles of water. Instead of running around and trying to keep them cool; just bring them warm which is also better for you in the winters. No matter how many may need to stop for a washroom break; always keep yourself well hydrated. Depending on where you are, if you get sick or dehydrated; a doctor may not easily be available.

In case of juices and wine for your dinner; you can get a wine carrier tote bag which can carry two bottles of wine or juices and keep them cold until your dinner. But remember not to drink if you are going to be the one driving.

Bring a paper map

Paper maps may not be liked by many travelers anymore, but they can be much helpful if you venture into places which have bad or no reception at all. GPS provides foolproof information of the destination you need to go to, but it is of no use if you have no access to the internet.

Despite all the technologies out there that can provide directions, nothing is more foolproof than a hard document with the major thoroughfares you’ll need to know to make it to your destination. And remember to either study the map yourself or have a partner who will explain the route to the driver. Even these maps can be rendered useless if you can’t decipher them.

Have a Schedule

Road trips can be unexpected so much that you can either end up in a roadblock or lose your way, but those circumstances shouldn’t mean that you can go on ahead with a scheduler. If you’re planning on logging some serious hours to get to your destination, it’s crucial to set a schedule. Make the schedule in a diary or a planner and know exactly where the best and easy to reach stops are. Mobile phones or tablets are convenient options, but you never know when they will run out of battery so using good old pencils and pens is best.

Make sure you do most of the driving during day time since nights can be risking. Always check if there is a hotel nearby where you can spend the night. If not then stay in a sparsely populated area and sleep the night in the car.