5 Essential Steps To Ace CBSE Science Examinations

For CBSE school students, the next couple of months are crucial as the annual examinations for all classes are to begin. It’s high time by now that students start their preparations for all the subjects. Students must use the time wisely to cover all the key concepts and topics present in each subject’s syllabus. Most students desire to score more than 90% marks in the exams, but a majority of the students fail to achieve it. The reasons could be stress, extensive pressure which leads to anxiety, lack of planning and execution. To avoid all these mistakes and to possess effective preparations for the exams continue reading.


Science, being one of the major subjects for students, needs adequate time for preparation. It’s highly recommended that students initially read and study concepts from the prescribed NCERT textbooks for Science. These textbooks provide precise explanations with suitable illustrations to help students comprehend both simple and complex concepts with ease. Attempting to solve the exercise problems present in these textbooks will enhance the conceptual knowledge of the students. Students looking for assistance to solve the textbook problems can refer to several online resources available for free. For instance, Class 7 students can access NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science for guidance to solve the problems.


Choosing the right study-guide for preparations in a critical decision that has to be taken by every student. The above-mentioned resource, NCERT Solutions, is available for all classes and subjects and by far considered the best online guide for students. Subject matter experts have curated the solutions carefully keeping in mind the latest CBSE guidelines and marking schemes in order to fetch the maximum marks possible. Further, the solutions can be easily accessed in both online text and offline mode as downloadable PDFs. There are no time restrictions, and students can refer to them anytime and from anywhere.


To help students with their exam preparation process, here are 5 essential steps broken down to help reduce the exam stress and assure the chances of securing the desired marks of students.


1. Know the syllabus completely

It’s mandatory that all the students should know the complete syllabus for the exam and revise them at least twice before the exam.


2. Have a solid study plan

Students must prepare a proper timetable for all the chapters by allocating more time for the difficult ones. Make sure to include revisions for adequate preparation.


3. Test your memory

Whenever students complete preparation of a chapter or a bunch of them, it is essential to test and recall what has been learnt timely by writing short notes and solving the textbook problems.


4. Solve previous year question papers

Solving them will widen the type of questions and significant sections of the subject for students to focus on improving performance. Also, students can identify their weaker areas and plan preparations accordingly.


5. Include time for relaxation

Practising the art of relaxation is vital to cool down intense brain activities. A good meal, consuming adequate water, meditation, light exercises and good sleep can all significantly boost the mind to an optimum level. 


Inculcating these steps during preparations can effectively boost the performance of the students and make them confident too. Students planning to kick start preparations for Class 8 Science can access the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science for attaining a rock-solid preparation. Regular usage of these resources enhances confidence and problem-solving skills that are necessary for all students.