5 Common Causes of Laggy Android Devices & Their Solutions

Nowadays, everyone is using smartphones especially, android devices. These devices have made life easier, but one gets in trouble when the device itself has an issue.  It is quite noticeable that after some time, the phone lags, and the screen freezes. There are many causes for this issue, but the most common causes and their solutions are:

Cause 01: Spyware in the Android

Spyware can also render your phone useless, flood your smartphone’s screen with pop-up adverts, and cause your Android phone to slow down. It might cause your phone to shut down slowly. If your Android device does not shut down quickly, it could be a hint that spyware is preventing the shutdown.


The only solution to this issue is cell phone spyware detection and removal. The spyware can enter your device from any malicious app. So always go for registered and authentic applications and websites. Install any virus detecting and removal application from the google play store or go for a built-in virus cleaner on the phone. Run a virus scan and take steps provided at the end of the scan.

Cause 02: Full Storage

You might have suffered from the Storage Space Running Out or  Insufficient Space message. Long-term usage of apps like Instagram and Facebook, and messaging apps, are some causes of insufficient storage. They all save many photographs and other items on your smartphone, thus filling up your storage.


Check how much free space your phone has left and what’s taking up the most space, then erase it. Go to Settings > Storage & USB > Internal storage on your Android device. Remove aggressive RAM consumers and some widgets from your home screen if your phone frequently runs out of memory. Task killers are not recommended because they can degrade the functionality of your phone.

Cause 03: Outdated Software and Uninstalled Updates

Each new version of the Android operating system usually includes more enhancements, and device manufacturers issue regular security updates and bug patches to improve overall performance. As a result, installing the most recent OS and other updates might cure bugs and address earlier software issues.


Attempt to keep all of your apps upgraded. If they continue to cause problems, uninstall them, and look for alternatives. If the apps came pre-installed, you would not be able to uninstall them; instead, you’ll have to disable them.

Cause 04: Running Many Apps at a Time.

As you use your device more, you’ve certainly loaded more apps, some of which start up automatically and operate in the background. If you have background apps loaded, they might eat up CPU resources, fill up RAM, and slow down your smartphone.


Uninstall or disable apps you do not use, disable live wallpapers, and remove widgets from your home screen. Uninstall any apps that are running in the background if you don’t use them. Disable it if you can’t uninstall it because it came with your device.

Cause 05: The Battery is Getting Slow.

It is one of the most common issues with smartphones. The battery capacity degrades after two or three years of use, and it can no longer last a day on a full charge. An increase in internal resistance within the battery caused by electrode film build-up is another aspect of the aging process.


To keep the battery alive and working in a stable condition, avoid charging your phone overnight or for too long. Do not use mobile while charging as it heats the phone and burdens the battery. Another point to be noted is to charge your phone before the charge falls below 25-40. First, clean your smartphone and close all applications. Then plug in the charger and leave it until it charges. The ideal condition is to plug it out before reaching 100.


These were some common problems that lag and hang the device. Some simple practices and habits can increase the life of your device. Keep in mind all the solutions and apply them even if you have not faced the lagging issue. These will help you to make your experience smooth with the android smartphone. Last, with the precautionary measures of the smartphone, try to take care of your eyes too and limit the screentime.