5 Best Document Scanner Apps To Go Paperless

Gone are the days that we need to spend hours to digitize any document. Now with the help of smart document scanner apps, we can instantly digitize any documents. These days business models are shifting towards digitization and every professional chooses to go paperless. 

Digitized documents are quick and maintenance-free. With PDF maker apps we can go paperless in seconds. There are many document scanner apps in the market. But here we carefully selected a few best scanner apps that digitize documents with utmost clarity and highest quality.

So, here we share a curated list of best document scanner apps to go paperless in 2020.

5 Best Document Scanner apps To Quickly Digitize Your Documents

We have tried and tested many traditional and newbie apps before creating this list. Here you will find the highest performing best 5 scanning apps that not only scans but also offers many added benefits.


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FlashScan is a renowned document scanner app. It gives a straightforward interface with diverse functions.

  • FlashScan is an expert pocket-sized professional scanner. You can scan all sorts of documents with it.

  • It also scans BarCode and QR codes accurately.

  • This app comes with in-built OCR. It is a complete text extractor. You can save such recognized text as a plain text or a text file.

  • It also helps to translate converted text from English to other languages.

  • Various post-scan filters such as Grey Mode, Original, Magic Color, Black and white 1 &2, etc adds value to your scans.

  • Anytime rescan, save, share delete, and rename files and folders.

  • This PDF scanner app offers different page-sized PDFs. You can get A4(by default), A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, etc easily. 

  • Users can pick compressed or original qualities of PDFs with FlashScan.

  • Before saving any PDF file you can opt to name it with a system-generated option or you can choose your desired name as well.

Use this app to quickly scan books, ID cards, vouchers, old photos, invoices etc. It generates ad-free and water-mark free scans with just a few taps.

Adobe Scan

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Adobe Scan is perhaps the most famous app for scanning and digitizing documents. It also offers an easy document management system. Here are a few features of this PDF scanner app that makes it so widespread.

  • You can scan all types of documents with it.

  • Easy to use app, with excellent navigation and straightforward interface.

  • Scan books, article money receipts with just a few taps.

  • Pos-scan editing filters are also available.

  • It offers an easy share and save option.

  • The OCR strives to enhance the file’s graphics and quality.

Microsoft Office Lens

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We are all aware of this app. It must be the oldest in the scanning business and provides smooth and clear scans in no time. Here are a few features of this app.

  • You can scan not only papers but also old photos, receipts, bills, or any other notes on a white background 

  • Use the highly optimized search engine to find files by their given name

  • Users can easily share scanned files to One note, and many other media like Drive, Dropbox, etc.

  • Edit your files quickly with a few taps.

  • It also lets you develop the graphical design of those copies with this app.

PDF Document Scanner Classic

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While making the list of best document scanner apps, PDF Document Scanner Classic is a must to include. This one is the must-use scanner app with brilliant top-notch features.

  • One of the easiest and fastest scanning apps.

  • Offers easy scanning with just a tap. you can scan almost all documents with it.

  • Edit your scans whenever you want.

  • Scan old pictures, IDs, business bills, and other written scripts with this best scanner app.

  • Easily customize the page-size of your PDFs.


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The last app in our curated list of the best document scanners for your devices is the TurboScan. Do you need fast, and high-quality scans in no time? Choose this scan to PDF app. Lookout its top features.

  •  Scan books, IDs, bills, and any papers with this fastest scanner app.

  • Get support for the unification of all the documents with PDF, JPG, and other file formats.

  • A straightforward interface with easy navigation.

  • Offers email to myself functionality for quick sharing.

  • You can edit scans and get better results.

  • It uses top-notch technology for color control, contrast, sharpness and brightness.

Concluding Notes

Using a camera scanner app to generate scans is the most easiest way to go paperless. Use any of the above-discussed apps and turn your device into a portable scanning machine.

There are many advantages of digitizing documents. It is quick and accurate with such document scanner apps. If you are determined to pick the best one. Choose FlashScan. It is an Indian document scanner app that redefines the scanning process.