40 modern bathroom vanities that overflow with style

The options for bathroom vanities are increasing day by day. There is nothing more attractive than seeing modern bathroom vanities with aesthetics. Who says it is just a bathroom vanity? Similarly, the style, the vibe, and the designs are just out of this world. Therefore, it has become hard to choose from the best modern bathroom vanities.

It can be difficult for you to choose from such inspiring bathroom accessories. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it straight. Below is the list of 40 modern bathroom vanities that overflow with style:

Ultra-modern vanities

Wooden vanities

Farmhouse bath vanities

A rustic bath vanity

Storage cubby vanity

Monochrome bath vanity

Compact bath vanity

Bathroom wall vanity

Floor-standing vanity

Blond wood vanity

Mid-century modern vanity

Grey bath vanity

Unique vessel vanity

Off-basin vanity

Integrated modern basin

Indoor plantation

Rustic wood vanity

Decorative candle vanity

Dark wood vanity

Extended countertops

Black vanity cabinets

A small vanity

Double sink vanity

White vanity

Dark vanity

Large vessel vanity

Geometric design vanity

Copper vanity

Storage vanity 

Pale black vanity

Floating vanity

Large concrete vanity

Modern pedestal sink

Unique faucet vanity

Contrasting vanity

Unique laundry baskets

Integrated countertops

Optical illusion vanity

Separate sinks

Island vanity

 1- Ultra-modern vanities:

This type of modern bathroom vanity has a large sink. Similarly, the sink integrates into a large tank resting on the ground. However, the best part is the waterfall tap which throws water into the rectangular basin. 

 2- Wooden vanities:

It is a perfect storage vanity unit. A wooden board countertop which cuts itself from the edge. Similarly, it has a good storage option for daily use items. Also, there is a towel bar on one side of the wooden board.

 3- Farmhouse bath vanities:

This modern vanity has a vessel sink on the top of the shelf. Similarly, it also has a resting stand for more items. Besides, there is a towel bar hanging below the countertop. As a result, this vanity style gives a farmhouse look to your bathroom.

4-  A rustic bath vanity:

For a contrast in your bathroom, go for a rustic vanity. First of all, this modern bath vanity has a rustic wooden countertop shelf. It is in contrast with the white floor and basin. Similarly, it has a small storage unit in it.

 5- Storage cubby vanity:

It is indeed a unique sink style. Firstly, the cubby sink cuts straight through the mid of the lower vanity unit. Secondly, it has a compact storage unit at the other end. You can choose it for a modern outlook.

6- Monochrome bath vanity:

This bath vanity is colorful and versatile in its look. Similarly, it has a monochrome and pink bathroom design with a grey wall-mounted basin. It gives a glamorous look to your bathroom. 

7- Compact bath vanity:

As the name suggests, it has small and compact size bath vanities. The sink or the washbasin fixes to one wall. Therefore, there is a lot of space left in the bathroom. If you prefer something compact, then go for this modern vanity.

8- Bathroom wall vanity:

Wall bathroom vanities are decoration pieces. A modern bath is incomplete without a set of wall hangers. Besides, the hanging pots with green leave look refreshing in a bathroom. A stylish mirror also comes in the wall decor category.

9- Floor-standing vanity: 

In comparison with wall-mounted vanities, floor-standing vanities are also perfect. Similarly, the storage option in floor-resting vanities makes it more functional. You can opt for shelves or cabinets.

10- Blond wood vanity:

Firstly, blond wood countertops look great with white vanities. Secondly, the cabinets with mirrors and white faucets look ethereal for a bathroom. These modern bathroom vanities have raised the bar in home décor.

11- Mid-century modern vanity

Mid-century bath vanity is perfect for a retro vibe bathroom. It is a cabinet-style countertop. The sink sits beneath the countertop surface. As a result, it has the best storage option and a stylish look.

12- Grey bath vanity:

Modern vanities are incomplete without grey hues in them. Similarly, a grey bath vanity that pairs with wooden texture cabinets is a great option. Grey is also an impressive go to color. This look elevates the feel of the bathroom.

12- Unique vessel vanity:

Vessel sinks are available in plenty of shapes and designs. Also, a unique vessel sink can increase the fashionable vibe of your bathroom in a single glance. Similarly, white vessels look stunning in a modern bathroom. 

14- Off-basin vanity:

The small basins with the soap dispenser are also eye-catching. They stand off the floor. However, it comes with a storage option.

15- Integrated modern basin:

A basin that fixes into the small countertop saves space in a bathroom. Similarly, it may have two cabinets for regular items and towels. Besides, it looks perfect in a grey bathroom.

16- Indoor plantation:

Indoor plantations are the best adaptation of the previous decade. The idea of having plants or pots in a bathroom is refreshing. It is healthy and stylish as well. Similarly, a vase with greenery complements any modern style bathroom. 

17- Rustic wood vanity:

Rustic wood vanities add style to your bathroom. The rustic wooden cabinets and drawers offer the best storage. The wallpapers at the back give a modern vibe to it. Rustic vanities come in many options.

18- Decorative candle vanity:

A modern spa-type bathroom is incomplete without decorative candles in it. Besides, the stone color vanity looks attractive and relaxing with light tea holders. Also, it has candles to lit.

19- Dark wood vanity:

A dark wooden vanity looks stunning in contrast with a light set of accessories. A dark wood cabinet and drawer set looks best with side vases.

20- Extended countertops:

Extended countertops are one of the most popular modern bathroom vanities. Bathrooms with multiple users can utilize extended countertops efficiently. 

21- Black vanity cabinets:

It is one of the latest trends in bath décor. Firstly, Black bathroom vanities consist of jet black cabinets with a wooden counter. Secondly, the gap between the counter and the cabinets is best for placing towels and bath gowns. 

22- A small vanity:

A small vanity has a small sink resting on the floor. Therefore, it is suitable for a small size bathroom. However, this style is best for a child bathroom with fewer accessories.

23- Double sink vanity:

The double sink vanity is both functional and beautiful. It is best for a crowded bathroom. If you and your partner fight in the morning for space. Then this vanity is perfect and convenient for you.

24- White vanity:

White vanity has always been in home décor for two decades now. This vanity with grey pairing looks stunning. Similarly, the white vessel sink and cabinets look attractive with charcoal grey tiles and countertop.

25- Dark vanity:

You may consider a dark bathroom with stripe tiles for a bold modern bathroom. Therefore, it looks classy and bold. The stainless steel hardware adds class to it.

26- Large vessel vanity:

For a big bathroom, a large vessel sink is perfect. It elevates the overall look of the bathroom. Similarly, large size cabinets also complement its appearance.

27- Geometric design vanity:

Geometric designs never go out of style. A dark bath with a golden geometric pattern is best for an ultra-modern look. This pattern can be found on bathroom walls. Also, it is in the background of a multi-dimensional mirror.

29- Copper vanity:

Copper vanity hardware has a unique effect on bathroom accessories. Therefore, you can also combine pink, white, and grey cabinets along with a copper vanity. Besides, it will have a Hollywood feel about it.

29- Storage vanity:

A modern bathroom vanity can accommodate many storage options in one unit. A high-low designer set of cabinets with space for storage is a dream for homeowners. Therefore, when storage comes with style it becomes interesting.

30- Pale black vanity:

As compared to jet black vanity, pale black vanity also has a certain charm. The pale black vanity with grey tiles and countertop looks stunning. The white towels hanging on the mount adds a modern feel to it.

31- Floating vanity:

What is more attractive than a rectangular tank-style basin with an LED effect in it? This floating bath vanity is uncommon but quite stylish. 

32- Large concrete vanity:

Large concrete vessels and bathtubs look grand and heavy. However, they are not that difficult to move. With flexible plumbing, you may go for this style. Also, they are suitable for big bathrooms.

33- Modern pedestal sink:

A pedestal sink can never go out of fashion. These days there are many interesting options in pedestal sinks. Similarly, its color, the shape is quite convincing. However, it does not come with a storage option.

34- Unique faucet vanity:

Firstly, you can go with bold bath schemes to add uniqueness to your bathrooms. Secondly, these colors are very eye-catching at a single glance. Unique faucets look stunning with bold shades.

35- Contrasting vanity:

If you do not like boring monotones, go for contrasting themes. A bathroom with two to three contrasting colors naturally attracts attention. Therefore, colorful vanities are the best choice. 

36- Unique laundry baskets:

A laundry room is incomplete without a set of laundry baskets. Have a unique set of laundry baskets that goes perfectly with your washing machine. Similarly, for a bathroom with a laundry option, this one works quite well.

37- Integrated countertops:

A thin sink that fixes into the countertop takes less space than a big countertop. As a result, thin basins are the best choice for small bathrooms. 

38- Optical illusion vanity:

First of all, the cabinets with mirror fronts create an optic illusion in your bathroom. It is one of those modern bathroom vanities that are available in versatile options. Secondly, all the other items reflect in the mirror of cabinets. 

39- Separate sinks:

A bathroom with two separate sinks is not that common these days. Therefore, it is a rare combination but still modern in its appearance.  You can have two sinks at opposite corners of the bathroom. 

40- Island vanity:

Island vanity is totally different in its appearance. Similarly, the style, the shape, and the sink have a unique and rare look. If you want to experiment, go for an island bathroom vanity.


To summarize, you cannot go wrong when you have such a versatile range in bathroom vanities. Therefore, these 40 modern bathroom vanity wholesale are both impressive and functional for you. Do not confuse yourself. Try to be specific with your choice and have the perfect-looking contemporary bathroom.