Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary: Google Doodle Celebration

Google is known for their frequent changes of home page and logo to make these more interactive and interesting. These are done to mark special days and events. Recently, the highly interactive Google Doodle has celebrated 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man, an iconic video game and broke the news of releasing Pacman 30th anniversary game. The news has spread like wildfire. This retro game gives nostalgic itching and stands out as a remake of the celebrated video game of 1980s. The game became such a big hit that it earned a cult status in the gaming history. Its first copy went out of the market as soon as it came. These days, a copy of the game is easily available.

About Pac-Man

Pac-Man introduced so many facets of video games – board games, lunch boxes, stationary items, cartoons and many more things in our life. It created a milestone in video gaming and entertainment industry and emerged as the leading game throughout the world in 1980. The game maker did not expect such a huge success worldwide when it was released. They just made it as cute and fun game for the first-time gamers. But it received a grand welcome even from the most experienced gamers and all the video game addicts.

It’s unknown to most people that the original name of the game was Puck-Man at the time of its release in Japan. Due to high demand, the company decided worldwide distribution in a very short time. To mark its special celebration, Google has added the game to its logo. They have already been inundated with positive feedbacks from the loyal Pac-Man fans from around the globe.

The arcade game earned soaring popularity since its arrival in the market. It sold like hot cakes. Only in the US, more than 300 million copies of the game were sold. Since then, it has produced great influences on several engaging video games. Its huge popularity made the release of Pac-Man a landmark moment in the history of gaming.  For the old-school gamers, it is now time to revisit the classic, iconic game.

The company invested billions of dollars in making this state-of-the-art game. It was soon made available on home computers. Another important point: it was the first video game that allowed women to play. Before its launch, video games were meant only for the males but it changed the perception.   

According to Wichary, Pac-Man logo seems a perfect fit on the Google Homepage. Both complement each other in a straightforward way. The 80’s kids and teenagers feel strongly attached to Pac-Man. This 30th year celebration and release of a remake are bringing back our childhood memories.

Toru Iwatani is the brain behind the original Pac-Man in the early 80s.  Though the company did not plan to release any sequel, it spawned several ones in the due course of time.

Pac-Man Remake

Pac-Man, a rousing maze-hunting video game, was initially meant to be a one-time Easter egg. The company, overwhelmed by the positive feedbacks, decided to design more interactive, interesting and immersive logos in the future. The new version of Doodle is playable and after this weekend, will make a transition to an archive page. Alternatively, you can play Pacman 30th anniversary game by clicking on its logo on the home page. 

The latest version, launched by Japan, is meant to steer the pizza-shaped protagonist and bring back the nostalgic euphoria once again. This time, it is packed with colorful graphics and exciting sound effects. On top of that, it was relatively cheaper to produce. The game is around a maze spelling the name of Google. You can also spot the scary ghosts namely Blinky, Clyde and Pinky. In this article, you will read some important tips on purchasing the game and making the most out of it.

A lot of planning worked behind the scenario of developing the original arcade game. It gave the developers immense satisfaction to surprise the fans by bringing out an alternative version. The new version of the game comes to be known as Pac-Mania. It features an engrossing layout and a HUD to assist the players to progress. The game’s mazes are, however, designed for 16:9 screens. It helped most players play the game properly on the original size. The developers, however, developed pixel-perfect reproductions of the original game for the Google Doodle.

Pac-Man was a classic arcade game and a huge hit when it first came to the market in 1980. The game, already translated into more than a dozen of languages, has loyal fan followers. The Big Search Engine BOSS has developed a special Doodle to mark the anniversary – an effort meant to allow the gamers to play the game directly from the Google’s homepage. In 1998, Google first developed a doodle for Pac-Man and came up with an animated version earlier this year.

A baseball player’s has been another favorite Google Doodle with the gamers. It hit the market in 2013 to mark Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday. The game features a moving circle and the player must stop it by clicking. The basic thing: the spicier the pepper, the higher the score. You can play the game on different platforms, including your smartphone. It is a favorite with the video game addicts.

Google Doodle is celebrating Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary with a remake. The new version claims to have better graphics and sound coupled with three game modes and achievements – a combo of features to help the most seasoned gamers reach new heights.  This incredibly popular game is highly expected to make generations nostalgic. It is a must-play game for the hardcore fans of the original Pac-Man. If you are hell-bent on playing, make sure to keep a few things in mind.

Pac-Man, the all-time most popular and best-selling arcade game, is a cultural icon, with dozens of sequels already born. The new version is far better than the original. The sky-height popularity of the game almost forced Google for a remake on its 30th anniversary. This weekend, it will be made available on Google Play and can be downloaded easily.

You can play the game on several mobile devices including iPad and iPhone. It has already earned its place in society. Google has recently introduced its first interactive home page logo, an interesting 225-level version of Pac-Man. The reimagined version was developed from the scratch, while maintaining the original game’s look and feel.

The sleek interface and the iconic Pac-Man logo have made the game more appealing and engrossing than ever. Though the original version takes time to learn, it’s still one of the all-time most popular video games. Many ‘remake’ versions are easily available on the internet; still the loyal fans have no love lost for this original, classic avatar. Its unmatched, endless replay value speaks volume for its never dwindling popularity.

The Google Maps Ms PACMAN game was remodeled to renew its appeal to modern gamers. Like the original game, the remake allows players to revisit the classic arcade game in a funny way by playing Ms. Pac-Man on real streets in Bucks, Hampshire and West London. However, the slow players run the risk of receiving defeat from the ghost.

Some die-hard fans demanded new versions of Ms. Pac-Man. They will be happy to see the advanced features in this one. Both Namco and Midway are working on it. Namco did not give its consent when Ms. Pac-Man was selling in the market. Midway got a license for development but not for selling it.

Easy-to-Play Game

The fans of the 1980’s iconic arcade game will find the Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary reimaged game in games stores across the world. The updated version of the original game is loaded with beautiful graphics and improved features. Unlike the original game, this version is easy to play. You can play it on your cellphone. There are both easy and most challenging levels; so it meets the expertise of gamers of all ages.

For the first-time Pac-Man gamers, the best place to play it is online. The game is easily accessible on mobile devices or computer with an internet connection. However, it is best enjoyable if you play PacMan 30th anniversary full screen. First you need to search on Google Doodle for the game. If found, start playing. Make sure not to pause playing as it will cost you a life. The 30th anniversary game of Pac-Man is making a new wave of craze among the gamers and will hopefully grow in popularity over time.

Popularity of original Pac-Man has never been on the wane. Google developed an interactive version of its logo that featured the infamous game. The Google Doodle team states that this 30th anniversary creates an important landmark in the history of popular gaming culture.

The 30th anniversary game is an easily downloadable version of the popular arcade game. It features a new enemy and 255 levels. The latest avatar also has a 2-player version. There is an insert coin button (previously a simple click button) to activate the mode. The game starts on its own. It allows you to play with a computer or a human friend. Each player is allowed to control one Pac-Man and the other controls the second one.

The objective of the latest version is to assemble as many fruits and dots as possible. When proceeding to the next level, make sure to avoid the ghosts. Though the game has challenging levels, it is fairly easy to play. If you are careless, a life would be lost. You need to do it repeatedly for a higher score.

Huge Fan Followers

Almost 30 years have gone by since the original Pac-Man video game was launched. To date, it is still one of the most popular video games. The game has made it to the Hall of Fames in the gaming history. The game has hundreds of variations that feature different endings and a chance of machine reuse. You can play the 30th anniversary game multiple times.

Many people have missed the news of the last year’s huge celebrations. Namco celebrates every year. But this year, the big Boss decided to stir the memories in the Pack-Man fans. The release of the remake coincided with the 30th Pac-Man anniversary and made the event more special. So, Namco came up with a new version for the fans as a Pac-Man anniversary gift.

The game is playable on both Android and iOS. Furthermore, it is also made available to the Xbox and PlayStation users. The company has entered into a partnership with Amazon to help you play live.

More teams and players can be added to the game to increase its fun quotient. The die-hard fans should keep themselves updated on the latest versions.

Even if you are someone who will play the game for the first time, there is no way to miss out the fun. You will fondly memorize each moment of playing the game. If you are an experienced gamer, you can introduce your brothers, sisters and others, who know nothing about this game, to Pac-Man. Simplicity is its beauty.

Caution: Stay careful, the bad eggs may ruin your fun of playing.

Pac-Man VS Nintendo GameCube:

PacMan vs. Nintendo GameCube was another version loved by people. The advanced-level version involved a multiplayer feature in old times. You can control the ghosts and your friends are also allowed to play with you.

The feature of system switching and shift taking was really great. The Pac-Man Twisty Puck-Ma was a fun puzzle to play. In all these, you must push the ghosts to solve the maze and reach the end of the game.

All these interesting ideas originate from the original PacMan. Get a Pac-Man badge to celebrate the anniversary. It will be an honor for the fans and also mark its consistent success over the three decades.

Pac-Man is based on coding and programming. It is a cutting-age game and its concept was much ahead of its time. When playing the new version, you can vividly remember how the game was played on the arcades. It is now playable on our smartphones and computers. Google honored it by developing the Pac-Man Doodle. The game is such a fun to play that you will love to repeat it times and again.

Celebration is All Around

Besides Google, everyone seems to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of PacMan. The Museum of Computing in Swindon has joined the gang to mark the upcoming new maze launched by Japan. A venue is also earmarked to celebrate the much celebrated game with retro machines. The gamers will be allowed to play there.

We, the die-hard video gamers, can still remember how much we wished for unblocking of Pacman and Pacman Xon. We were earnestly looking forward to Pacman Unblocked Games and Pacman Cheat Codes. So, it feels like old memories rushing back to take us on a nostalgic ride back to the past. The original Pac-Man was a massive hit and the 30th anniversary celebration is the latest talk of the town (better to say, world). We just hope that the latest launch hits the jackpot.

Another lesser known fact is the character of mouth was at the core of the game. It was not a planned game, rather was developed around a character that became famous three decades ago. The Doodle programmers took the challenge to ensure that the game continues to haunt the players and the gamers still die to play it even after so many years.

Doodle and Pac-Man 40th Anniversary

The Pac-Man maker was hardly optimistic even in their wildest dream that the game would touch such a height of popularity. It was loved by both boy and girls. The fun game crated a fan wave across the globe. Parents faced a problem as their children got addicted to the game. It was one of the first games that the girls loved playing.

Now, Google aims to create the sheer magic that the game managed to spin 30 years ago. The 30th anniversary is a big success as people have come to know about the new launch to mark the event.

PacMan 30th Anniversary Cheats

256 Level Cheat Codes

You can mess with Pac-Man game codes and cheats with this hack. And you will be able to open a 256th glitch level as per YouTuber “HyperCarder. You won’t experience problems following the easy steps. It involves use of “.js” file and its modification.

Safety Glitch

With it, you won’t have to be dictated by the enemy ghost while styling in the spawn location. Here is a guideline:

  • Get devoured by the ghost once
  • Turn left as you spawn
  • Stay in the zone
  • You won’t be noticed by the ghosts
  • The Blinky, Clyde, Inky and Pinky will just do round and round
  • They will continue hunting for 2 minutes.
  • They will freeze and abandon

Level Editor Hack (Google Pacman Doodle Game Mod)

This hack allows you to completely change and modify the Google Pac-Man Doodle game.

The GitHub Link will provide you with the necessary files and steps to convert the Pac-Man 30th anniversary Google Logo into a doodle game format that is easy to play. Check if it gives you a feel of a hacker in PacMan.

Wrapping Up!

If a reimaged Pac-Man video game works, it will be a great idea to put the opportunity to the best use. A new game is a good way to mark the anniversary of one of the most iconic games in the history of video games. Several games have hit the market since the original Pac-Man was released but not many have included an anniversary date. The game released to commemorate the 30th anniversary includes new and better features such as, alternative clothing and versions.

There were widespread rumors that the 30th anniversary game would be the first one with a boss. It features energy pills and relentless actions. Simplicity is another big asset and advantage of the game.  The casual gamers won’t find any problem while playing this two-button game. Simplicity has contributed to its skyrocketing popularity.

The original classic game is still a favorite with the gaming enthusiasts and seasoned gamers. It boasts of having loyal fan followers and a great history. The Record Research Inc. has reportedly sold out 30 million Pac-Man machines throughout the world since 1980. Though the game is simple but you should be careful about the furious ghosts who will try to chase you across the board and sometimes may cause you to experience moments in the past.