3 Ways to Shower While on a Camping Trip

Spending time outdoors can be so much fun. However, first-time campers find it challenging to keep themselves clean without knowing it is easy to shower while camping. All you need is the right gear or equipment. Below are your options.

How to shower while camping

1) Pocket shower

Pocket showers are fillable water sacks that can hold up to 10 liters of water. That’s enough for two showers. To use it, you may hang it using a lantern hook or on a low tree branch. You may also let it sit under the sun to warm the water inside.

2) Car roof water tank

Car roof water tanks can hold up to 35 liters of water. The best part is the possibility of fitting a shower head for easy use. You may also attach a valve to reduce water flow and use only the water you need. When showering outdoors, you have the option to use a shower awning that also attaches to the roof rails or racks so you won’t be too exposed when bathing.

3) Water shower pump

Submersible water pumps with a built-in filtration system can be used too. If there is a natural water source nearby, but you are unsure of its quality, this one is perfect. You need to place the pump directly in an open body of water. Some water shower pump products also come with a portable shower head.

You need to make sure that the water you are using is safe for showering. In some instances, all you have to do is filter the water using a cotton shirt, especially when relying on a natural water source. If possible, heat the water in the sun because hot water can kill off microorganisms. Of course, you want to be clean and safe at the same time.